Welcome to Little Tokyo, The place where anything is possible! The dead live! The emos are nice! (Well, somewhat) THE IDIOTS ARE HOKAGE! *shot* Well, you get the idea. Come and experience the AMAZZZZING and odd little town that exists under everyone's noses.

What is Little Tokyo?

Rules and Regulations

RP Info

Hime Arai (Chief Admin)
Chero Aoyama (Admin)
Elenor Aldrich (Global Mod)
Naruto Uzumaki (Admin)
Sasuke Uchiha (Paperboy or something 8D)


Meeh work.


We're in our second arc now! We have a Professional Marketplace where people can get...actual jobs as people. Like police officers! And doctors! ^w^

Deidara And Itachi are teachers at the school because of community service, and an OC teacher, Chero is basically the med...med...MIDDLE PERSON WHO KEEPS THEM FROM FIGHTING. -w-;

New Members!
Hakai Ushiyama

RP Roles
Kurumu Kurono
Kakashi Hatake
(Our Current Misc Role) C.C.

After this arc, C.C. can be taken as an RP role! We've also instated a MONEY system! >D Which I don't need because I'm Hokage, I always have money :P

APPARENTLY, Sasuke has a stalker named Mizore. I TOLD HIM TO HURRY UP AND GET A GIRLFRIEND BUT NOOOO... C.C. the green haired girl that was in the panda suit that I kinda beat up is bothering Lelouch, the guy with the freaky eyes. And... *blush* I'm on a date with Chero. HAPPY HIME!? I SAID IT. MEH. :P

There's other stuff that goes on too...but...I don't feel like posting it. -w-

-Naruto Uzumaki, Hokage, Council Member, and all that good stuff.


I've asked to help with adverti...adver...>w< MAKING THE WORD GET OUT ABOUT LITTLE TOKYO! THERE! So I'll try for Hime and Chero-chan's sakes. :D JOIN PEOPLE!


Join and all your wishes will come true!...ehhh okay, I'm lying, but GIVE IT A TRYYYY...it's not fun being Hokage if there's no one to respect me protectttt

The Hokage is HERE!

Uzumaki Naruto, beelieve it! So I got an account. :D >.>; I WAS THREATENED. D: The Hokage shouldn't be THREATENED! D8< Anyway, as long as the teme's not here, I'm good. ^w^

Yes ladies, I'M SINGLE! >:D *shuriken'd*....and I'm also a Mod and Hokage. So OBEH MEH!


OH...and I'll put up the "Story Thus far" Later. (I'm also mostly in charge of RPers. 8D) DON'T RUSH ME! -w-

See ya! :D