Welcome to Little Tokyo, The place where anything is possible! The dead live! The emos are nice! (Well, somewhat) THE IDIOTS ARE HOKAGE! *shot* Well, you get the idea. Come and experience the AMAZZZZING and odd little town that exists under everyone's noses.

What is Little Tokyo?

Rules and Regulations

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Hime Arai (Chief Admin)
Chero Aoyama (Admin)
Elenor Aldrich (Global Mod)
Naruto Uzumaki (Admin)
Sasuke Uchiha (Paperboy or something 8D)


The Hokage is HERE!

Uzumaki Naruto, beelieve it! So I got an account. :D >.>; I WAS THREATENED. D: The Hokage shouldn't be THREATENED! D8< Anyway, as long as the teme's not here, I'm good. ^w^

Yes ladies, I'M SINGLE! >:D *shuriken'd*....and I'm also a Mod and Hokage. So OBEH MEH!


OH...and I'll put up the "Story Thus far" Later. (I'm also mostly in charge of RPers. 8D) DON'T RUSH ME! -w-

See ya! :D