Welcome to Little Tokyo, The place where anything is possible! The dead live! The emos are nice! (Well, somewhat) THE IDIOTS ARE HOKAGE! *shot* Well, you get the idea. Come and experience the AMAZZZZING and odd little town that exists under everyone's noses.

What is Little Tokyo?

Rules and Regulations

RP Info

Hime Arai (Chief Admin)
Chero Aoyama (Admin)
Elenor Aldrich (Global Mod)
Naruto Uzumaki (Admin)
Sasuke Uchiha (Paperboy or something 8D)


Lelouch vi Britannia has arrived

I Lelouch have joined the Little Tokyo Role Play...
It's fun...and you should all join.
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If you would like to RP, please contact Seventh Hokage.(Our Naruto RPer) <3 It's best if you don't comment here, unless asking which positions are open. ^^ To answer that question, I will answer this; A great deal of RP posit...

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I've asked to help with adverti...adver...>w< MAKING THE WORD GET OUT ABOUT LITTLE TOKYO! THERE! So I'll try for Hime and Chero-chan's sakes. :D JOIN PEOPLE!


Join and all your wishes will come true!...ehhh okay, I'm lying, but GIVE IT A TRYYYY...it's not fun being Hokage if there's no one to respect me protectttt

Le Storeh Thus Far~

OKAY! So far, we've established that weirdos *shuriken'd* I MEAN NEW PEOPLE...are moving in to Little Tokyo. -w- HAPPY?
But in the Hokage's office, something is wrong. A document has been stolen from my desk w.w A very IMPORTANT document...so I grabbed Sasuke's arm and dragged him into my office before I gave out too much information to Saime and Chero, some girls who were nosy trying to help me. ^w^ After alot of INSULTS, I got Sasuke to cooperate...and sent him to search Hime's house. >D She's his stalker, I think. xDD
And so...Sasuke broke and entered and now Hime's going to find and kill- wait, that didn't happen yet.
NEVERMIND! 8D *runs*

The Hokage is HERE!

Uzumaki Naruto, beelieve it! So I got an account. :D >.>; I WAS THREATENED. D: The Hokage shouldn't be THREATENED! D8< Anyway, as long as the teme's not here, I'm good. ^w^

Yes ladies, I'M SINGLE! >:D *shuriken'd*....and I'm also a Mod and Hokage. So OBEH MEH!


OH...and I'll put up the "Story Thus far" Later. (I'm also mostly in charge of RPers. 8D) DON'T RUSH ME! -w-

See ya! :D