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What is this you ask? Well, I suppose that up there *points at picture* speaks for itself.

So, I admit. I'm probably one of the most die hard Toshiro Hitsugaya (and Hyorinmaru) fans in the Bleach fandom.

I guess you could say I've put off making this world for a while. (For the sake of containing my "obsession.")


So if you're a Hitsugaya fan too--*smiles*--have fun.

(Guest posters allowed, just ask)

PS: Maybe you can help me come up with name for the Hitsugaya fandom. I mean, the series is almost over and it doesn't even have a name. *sigh and shakes head* Sad...


I don't believe it. There's actually a pic of Toshiro I haven't seen.

External Image

Must now go and reflect on my life as a Toshiro fan cause obviously I'm doing something wrong if I haven't seen this before.


Problem is *shrugs and hold up hands* I never know what the hell to do for his birthday.

I could post my complete collection of pics, but that would take all day and the post would be miles long.

So, I'll just leave it at this.

*throws white confetti*

~~Happy Birthday!!!~~

I'd bake a cake, but I suck at cooking. -_-"

Now, I think I'll go look at pictures and watch Diamond Dust Rebellion and all of the Bleach episodes with Hitsugaya in them.

(Then check the mirror to see if my hair has turned white from all the Toshiro spam I've been feeding my brain. XD)

External Image

Toshiro's copywrite infringment XD

Okay. I've been sitting on this for a long time now and I've reached 2 possible conclusions. Either Tite Kubo is frugal and conservative with his attack ideas. Or Toshiro copied/stole tactics/attacks from the Quincies. ...

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My latest creation...


And here is the image I drew it from.

External Image

I love love love this picture. My new favorite one and quite possibly my best one. I submitted this for publication also.


My long lost Bleach photoalbum.

Which consists approximately 90% of I bet you can guess which character.



Bleach Photo Album
on Photobucket.