So, its been a while since i last updated yeah?

Nothing is really new here...a few more people at work know that i am gay now, i also told my younger sister, only reason i told her is because she is bi and can understand it better than anybody else in my family

Romantic life is...non-existant really. You all remember that guy i really liked? Yeah, i told him in person that i didn't like women and that i liked him....he responded that he only liked women, but we are still "friends"...if thats what you can call us

There's been this new guy in my life....there's just a slight problem...
He's married -_- the only reason i say he's in my life is because he wants to be "friends with benefits". It's complicated to be honest....i want a serious relationship not friends with benefits...but thats what we have turned into, i know, i am stupid, i am just being used for sex, and when i say to myself that i won't do it anymore, he asks me to hang out and BAM, there we are hanging out, yet when i ask to hang out, he doesn't have time.

That's pretty much the gist of my life right now

Hope all of you guys have been well

Until next time