alright i reckon i'ma update my intro and such hmmm lets see ahh yes to clear some things up about my art work i do reference when i draw just thought i'd clear that up

ah yes i guess i could throw out some of my fave anime/manga while i'm at it xD, although, please keep in mind that i've not watched much anime or read much manga so my faves are limited by what i've seen and read ^^

Fave Anime are as follows: Basilisk, Bleach, Ai Yori Aoshi, Loveless, NOIR

Fave Manga are as follows: Angel Sanctuary, Chrono Crusade, Basilisk, Elfen Lied, Maid Sama!, Grand Guignol Orchestra, Vampire Knight, Air Gear!, Bloody Monday, GodChild, DeathNote

Requests: Closed

Art Trades: closed

sorry but both are closed at the moment when i do decide to take requests again i'll change this and let everyone know but for now it'll be like that ^_^

alright i guess i'm done with this intro thingy lol laterz folksies

Love Tension - 4Minute

updated 9-18-2012


thanks for the birthday gifts and wishes you guys, i r 23 today @[email protected]


a funny thing happened at work today, i'm sure you guys remember the dude i've been spazzing about and such? well this funny thing involves him

so we're sitting at lunch together outside by ourselves and talking and such, and while sitting there he says "hey" and proceeds to pass gas xD

now while i realize this may seem disgusting to some people, but to me, it's a sign that he's comfortable enough around me to do such a thing, so it's no problem to me lol but yeah, that made me feel good xD

anywayz, just thought i'd update with a little funny and made my day a little brighter

hope you guys are doing good and have a good one until next update



so tired....of everything, no friends at work, no nothing, it's so hard to deal with things that life throws at you when you don't have anyone to talk to about it, worse still is when people think they are your friends, yet you can't stand them one bit, so when you laugh it's just a hollow laugh and they don't even realize it, there's only one person i care about, i mean really care about, at work, and it's just so strange because, well...i won't go into it, but yeah, that's that


i should be used to the bitter taste of it....yet i keep getting set up for it, i say i won't do it next time, but when he says something about coming over again, i just can't resist it, because, after all, i don't have friends besides him so when...

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....i think he's cancelled on me yet again....he said he'd be here around 5-6....6:30 and still not here, tried to call and text him but he's answered neither...

on the up side, he did take me home today after work...even though i could've ridden home with my dad since we got off at the same time, but we talked quite a bit in the car, we've never talked that much face to face. he said in november or december he would be going back to mexico D: