alright i reckon i'ma update my intro and such hmmm lets see ahh yes to clear some things up about my art work i do reference when i draw just thought i'd clear that up

ah yes i guess i could throw out some of my fave anime/manga while i'm at it xD, although, please keep in mind that i've not watched much anime or read much manga so my faves are limited by what i've seen and read ^^

Fave Anime are as follows: Basilisk, Bleach, Ai Yori Aoshi, Loveless, NOIR

Fave Manga are as follows: Angel Sanctuary, Chrono Crusade, Basilisk, Elfen Lied, Maid Sama!, Grand Guignol Orchestra, Vampire Knight, Air Gear!, Bloody Monday, GodChild, DeathNote

Requests: Closed

Art Trades: closed

sorry but both are closed at the moment when i do decide to take requests again i'll change this and let everyone know but for now it'll be like that ^_^

alright i guess i'm done with this intro thingy lol laterz folksies

Love Tension - 4Minute

updated 9-18-2012

new me

i think i am turning over a new leaf in my life

i have always said i never cared what people think about me, but deep down, i always have cared, its not easy to not care, especially when people keep throwing your "flaws"-as they like to say-in your face

but today, i made a resolution. if somebody doesnt like me, or doesnt want to talk to me anymore because of said "flaws", then that is their problem, not mine and i shant worry about it because i try my best to be a good person and a damn good friend, but if somebody doesnt want to return it? oh well, that is their loss

so yeah, i just hope i can stick to this new resolution, to becoming a new and better me - a person who isnt a door mat for people to walk all over


so, we've had our vacation planned for a while now, and its finally come, our plans have always been to leave on saturday, so i made plans with a friend of mine after work tomorrow, then my family calls me, telling me they changed the plans, and we afe leaving tomorrow after i get off work and not saturday.....

i dont know what to do....its tearing me up inside having to choose between "my friend" and my friend is basically my boyfriend you can see the dilemma i am in?


Why does love have to be complicated?


looking back on my portfolio here....its been 4 years since i last drew anything....seems like it was forever ago

non-depressing post :D

So...figured I would update your about something non-depressing

so last week, had to go get my wiwdom teeth taken out, was only in there for about 10 minutes I guess, cause my mom said it easy no time after the doctor went in there when he came back out to say he was finished and to give me about 20 more minutes for me to wake up...yeah I was knocked out while they were doing it, thank goodness lol. Had to go back to them today for a post op checkup, everything was good, but iI have a bit of inflammation she said, like I had been chewing on it something, but it doesn't hurt, so she said as long as it doesn't bother me for me to not worry about it. She also gave me a hook nosed syringe that i have to use to flush my gums out with water :D fun fun

other than there's really nothing else going on in my life besides work

so yeah, that's the gist of it right now

see you guys later