alright i reckon i'ma update my intro and such hmmm lets see ahh yes to clear some things up about my art work i do reference when i draw just thought i'd clear that up

ah yes i guess i could throw out some of my fave anime/manga while i'm at it xD, although, please keep in mind that i've not watched much anime or read much manga so my faves are limited by what i've seen and read ^^

Fave Anime are as follows: Basilisk, Bleach, Ai Yori Aoshi, Loveless, NOIR

Fave Manga are as follows: Angel Sanctuary, Chrono Crusade, Basilisk, Elfen Lied, Maid Sama!, Grand Guignol Orchestra, Vampire Knight, Air Gear!, Bloody Monday, GodChild, DeathNote

Requests: Closed

Art Trades: closed

sorry but both are closed at the moment when i do decide to take requests again i'll change this and let everyone know but for now it'll be like that ^_^

alright i guess i'm done with this intro thingy lol laterz folksies

Love Tension - 4Minute

updated 9-18-2012

pfeh, rant ensues

lately whenever i get on a chat -not on here by the way, on another chat box that i go to- i've been feeling unwelcome. I've been chatting with the same ppl for almost 2 years now i suppose is how long it's been, and whenever i get on there, it's...

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do so if you haven't already


take a looksie if you haven't already, remember, be careful of what you do in chat, because it is punishable by moderators in chat if we find evidence of you doing such things at the log provided, and i personally don't want to have to ban you guys from chat for a little while because of a lapse in judgement, okies?

anywayz, how have you guys been? thought i'd open with that bit since it is a great idea for you to read, young or old, whether you know better or not, just to reinforce what is allowed and not allowed on the site. I've been good, got back to playing Shadow Hearts recently, glad i did, forgot how much i loved the game, well i didn't really forget, just missed it xD hope you're all doing well, i shall see you all laterz~


SO, how are you guys this evening? i hope you're all doing splendid! me? i'm doing ok i guess, mama got home from the hospital so she's recovering and sleeping right now, which is good, other than that, my life has been uneventful, i turned 21 back on the 2nd so i'm now of age to buy alcohol, though i won't lol, hrm...bought 8 books with my b-day money, spent about 34 bucks on the books all-together which isn't too bad in my opinion. hrm, OH, i thought i should show you guys what my main character looks like on Rappelz, the MMORPG that i play. you guys should recognize the name, cause one of the most awesome ppl on this site has it for her name(well rather, it's part of her name and it's what i call her lol) so here it is~

anywayz, thar she is, my pride and joy of that game, well, not really my pride and joy since i have a lvl 100 siren to go along with her lol anywayz, thought i'd give a short update on how i've been, and i've been doing good. hope you all have a great weekend and a great time till i update next~

so a real post this go round

so after that mess, i thought i'd update with an actual post about my life, omg no wai, yep that's right, an actual post about me for once in a while o.o i just got back from vacation 2 days ago, and i'm blistered, but not too bad, although mah belleh itches alot xD i got back from vacation wanting to talk to somebody really bad, but they do not wish to like me anymore so that's suckish, ummmm, had a great time on vacation, brought home 2 bags of sand dollars and a sponge like thing xD and some pretty shells that were attached and in the shape of angel wings, but they broke apart on the ride home ;_; but the design on them is really pretty =D hummmm....idk what else to say lol, hope you guys have been good, and continue to be great while i don't update, recently i've been on the chats alot, so if you wish to speak to me you can find me on there mostly at night time, around 9 pm EST till whenever i get off so you can find me there if you want to talk~ reckon i'll head out now, laterz for now everyone~

i've done 46 out of 129 stupid things-hum not too bad

Level 1:

() Smoked a cigarette
() Smoked a cigar
() Kissed a member of the same sex
() Drank alcohol

Level 2:

(x) Are/Been in love
(x) Been dumped
() Shoplifted
() Been fired
() Been in a fist fight

Level 3:

(x) Had a crush an older person
() Skipped school
() Slept with a co-worker
(X) Seen something/someone die

Level 4:

(X) Had a crush on one of your facebook friends
() Been to Paris
() Been to Spain
() Been on a plane
() Thrown up from drinking

Level 5:

() Eaten sushi
() Been snowboarding
() Met someone BECAUSE of facebook/myspace
() Been in a mosh pit

Level 6:

(X) Taken pain killers
(X) Loved/liked someone you cant have
(X) Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by
(X) Made a snow angel

Level 7:

() Had a tea party
() Flown a kite
(X) Built a sand castle
(X) Gone mudding (off roading)
() Played dress up

Level 8:

(X) Jumped into a pile of leaves
() Gone sledging
(X) Cheated while playing a game
(X) Been lonely
(X) Fallen asleep at work/school

Level 9:

(X) Watched the sunset
(X) Felt an earthquake
(X) Killed a snake

Level 10:

(X) Been tickled
() Been robbed/vandalized
() Been cheated on
(X) Been misunderstood

Level 11:

() Won a contest
() Been suspended from school
(X) Had detention
() Been in a car/motorcylce accident

Level 12:

() Had/have braces
() Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night
() Danced in the moonlight

Level 13:

(X) Hated the way you look
() Witnessed a crime
() Pole danced
(X) Questioned your heart
() Been obsessed with post it notes

Level 14:

() Swished barefoot through the mud
(X) Been lost
() Been to the opposite side of the world
(X) Swam in the ocean
(X) Felt like you were dying

Level 15:

(X) Cried yourself to sleep
() Played cops and robbers
() Recently colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers
() Sang karaoke
() Paid for a meal with only coins

Level 16:

(X) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
(X) Made prank phone calls
(X) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
()Kissed in the rain!

Level 17:

(X) Written a letter to Santa Claus
() Watched the sun set and/or sun rise with someone you care/cared about
(X) Blown bubbles
() Made a bonfire on the beach

Level 18:

() Crashed a party
() Have traveled more than 5 days in a car full of people
(X) Gone roller- skating/blading
() Had a wish come true
() Been humped by a monkey

Level 19:

() Worn pearls
() Jumped off a bridge
() Screamed "penis" or "vagina"
() Swam with dolphins

Level 20:

() Got your tongue stuck to a pole/freezer/ice cube
() Kissed a fish
() Worn the opposite sex's clothes
() Sat on a roof top

Level 21:

(X) Screamed at the top of your lungs
() Done/attempted a one-handed cartwheel
() Talked on the phone for more than four hours
(X) Recently stayed up for a while talking to someone you care about

Level 22:

() Picked and ate an apple right off the tree
() Climbed a tree
() Have/been in a tree house
() Been too scared to watch scary movies alone

Level 23:

(x) Believed in ghosts
() Have had more than 30 pairs of shoes
() Gone streaking
() Visited jail

Level 24:

() Played chicken
() Been told you're hot by a complete stranger
() Broke a bone
(X) Been easily amused

Level 25:

() Caught a fish then ate it later
() Made a porn movie
() Caught a butterfly
(X) Laughed so hard you cried
() Cried so hard you laughed

Level 26:

() Mooned/flashed someone
() Had someone moon/flash you
(X)Cheated on a test
(X) Forgotten someone's name
() French braided someone's hair
() Gone skinny dipping
() Been kicked out of your house

Level 27:

(X) Rode a roller coaster
() Went scuba-diving / snorkeling
() Black-mailed someone
() Been black-mailed
() Had a cavity

Level 28:

(x) Been used
(X) Fell going up the stairs
(X) Licked by a cat
(X) Bitten someone
() Licked someone

Level 29:

(x-with a bb gun) Been shot at/or at gunpoint
() Flattened someone's tyres
() Rode your bike/driven your car until the fuel light came on
() Got five pounds or less worth of fuel
() Had sex in the rain

Re-post this with the title "I've done ... out of 129 Stupid things.