alright i reckon i'ma update my intro and such hmmm lets see ahh yes to clear some things up about my art work i do reference when i draw just thought i'd clear that up

ah yes i guess i could throw out some of my fave anime/manga while i'm at it xD, although, please keep in mind that i've not watched much anime or read much manga so my faves are limited by what i've seen and read ^^

Fave Anime are as follows: Basilisk, Bleach, Ai Yori Aoshi, Loveless, NOIR

Fave Manga are as follows: Angel Sanctuary, Chrono Crusade, Basilisk, Elfen Lied, Maid Sama!, Grand Guignol Orchestra, Vampire Knight, Air Gear!, Bloody Monday, GodChild, DeathNote

Requests: Closed

Art Trades: closed

sorry but both are closed at the moment when i do decide to take requests again i'll change this and let everyone know but for now it'll be like that ^_^

alright i guess i'm done with this intro thingy lol laterz folksies

Love Tension - 4Minute

updated 9-18-2012


i guess i'm going to bed with my miserable self, laterz


my heart has been broken....that is all

so i'm an idiot.....

GAAAAAAH, i'm so freaking stupid so, we had to work on saturday and i didn't have a ride home, so i asked him friday if he had time to take me home on saturday, he said he'd tell me saturday so i was all ok. so saturday rolls around and i ...

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hrm, why do i update? i dunno, seems nobody reads, or if they do, they don't comment, why's that? but that's ok, it's not like i update for everybody to comment on, i update for my own relief of mind, and if people read it, wonderful on to ...

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hrm ever get that feeling where you think someone is better off without you? i get that feeling a lot lately, i think it's because i see him laughing and talking with the other people at work....and all i can garner out of him is a few lines...

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