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Finally finished this one up. I quite love his new design. Lots of detail for me ><

Name: Moroq
Age: ??? (looks to be about 18-19, but then other times he looks younger. hard to tell really.)
Species: (don't have an exact name yet but...) descendant of a cursed tribe that was known for selling their souls to demons in order to further their control over black magic. All decendants of this race will slowly turn into monsters; vessels for the demons, if they go against the terms of their curse, which is using their dark magic during the time the sun is up.

Story(so far): Moroq, distraught over the mistakes his ancestors made, tries to live a semi-normal life for one of a cursed race. As such, he covers his cross, the weight that keeps him contained during the day. Because of this, he cannot speak during the day. The cross is also a blessing, for it slows the process that will eventually turn him into a monster. Of course, if he uses magic, the process will accelerate momentarily.

One day, he came upon a human girl being attacked by another of his race, one who had been taken over by the demon that claimed it's soul. Moroq, still wanting to repent for sins he did not committ, saved the girl, but started his path down to becoming a monster like the others. He knew of a healer named Ophia who both accepted him, and would be willing to help the human girl, Arisa. Ophia accepted Moroq mainly because she was blind and didn't know what he was at first. Arisa accepted him for who he was, for she didn't know the truth. But, after many circumstances during their travels, Arisa was made known of Moroq's curse, but still didn't abandon him like the others of his homeland. What was originally a quest to bring Arisa back home, became a journey to cure Moroq of his curse before it completely took him over. Over time, Moroq began to have an attraction for Arisa, but he alwas kept it to himself. He didn't want her to get too involved, for she needed to return home.
Friends: Arisa, the human thief whose life he saved. Ophia, the blind healer who helped him when he was harmed by the villagers.

I have a color chart this time too! So there's Moroq with his cloak to hide the cross. Moroq without his cloak, so you can see what the cross looks like. And Moroq after his curse progresses quite a bit, without the cross. Cross is off in that picture because after a while it cannot contain the demon that hides next to Moroq's soul, and so you can see the marking that brands him as a cursed child. The lines on his arms are also part of his curse markings. So far, Moroq is one of my favorites ^^

Cerberus Pack: Sorrow

More random characters. I was drawing this the other day, and decided to put him up here. It was really just to get his crazed "battle mode" look straight before I drew an actual picture of him. The two little chibis on the sides are Hatred (right) and Pain (left).

Name: Sorrow
Species: Black Wolf (something along the lines of a bloodsucking werewolf. sort of like a cross between werewolf and vampire, but not quite.)

History: nothing really known about him. Just that he appears to be blessed by Mother Night, Nyx, with wings. He is the third, and most powerful member of the Cerberus Pack (a pack of Nyx's three most powerful Black Wolf assassins)

Personality: Normally very quiet, and takes pleasure in inflicting pain upon himself (cutter emo child he is). Of course, he loves harming his prey both physically and emotionally even more. When in "battle mode" Sorrow tends to remove the mask that covers his empty eye socket, widens his smile, and pulls out his wings to look menacing and deadly.

Yeah uhh... not much to him yet. I never really developed him, thinking he wasn't going to be as important. But now I have the feeling there's gonna be an epic battle/rivalry between him and August... I feel like Sorrow's more loved now.

Adrian Tonnerre

Name: Adrian Tonnerre
Species: Thunder Demon
Age: 16-17 (in human years)

Personality: Comes off as a complete jerk in every way possible, and he sort of is. But, deep down, he does know how to be nice, and at least act like a perfect gentleman. Being a demon though, it's just first nature to act mean and cruel. He can't always help that. Everything he does is for some confusing reason, and people normally jump to conclusions with what he does and how he does it. Secretly loves a human named Jasmine. The irony here is that Adrian is a demon boy, yet he attends a Catholic High School (mainly because that's where Jazz goes to school... but still. just a little funny)

Story in the making. Adrian and Jasmine are slightly based off a dream I had, and this is something of a vent story (cuz there are some similarities in the potential storyline).

I don't have a color chart for him yet. I'll work on it, along with a reference for Jazz.

OC 1: Arisa

Alright, OC 1, Arisa. I'll just add a little form with her info. She's quite an old character that had no story, and has slightly been re-done. Still working on the new storyline though...

Name: Arisa
Age: 18 or so?
Species: Human
Profession: Thief

Story (so far): Arisa, quite skilled theif for her age was walking in the woods with her partner, Mirrin, one day when a strange creature burst out of a rift in the earth and pulled her through to the other side. Arisa was rescued from said evil (Dragon skull faced, demon possesed, scaly distorted bodied) monster by a quiet boy named Moroq. Without a word, Moroq led Arisa to a blind healer named Ophia, so she could help tend to Arisa's wounds. While the original intent of the group was to send Arisa back to the forest, later on Arisa throws that idea aside to help save Moroq from the curse of his tribe, which will turn him into the same kind of monster that pulled Arisa through the rift.

Friends: Mirrin, her thief partner, Moroq, the cursed boy who saved her life from another of his tribe, Ophia, the blind healer who can feel the aura of the life around her and manipulate it to help treat others.