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Wouldn't have thought

I wouldn't have thought, but being sick today feels pretty nice. I've been so stressed out lately, so not going to school and visiting the Dr. for medicine for this blasted sinus infection was alright. It's just the headache that's getting to me.
At the moment, I'm procrastinating a senior reflection paper as well as an essay for AP lit, but I slept for like 7 hours today, so I figure staying up a little later to work won't be such a big deal.

I had my music scholarship audition last Friday. And I botched it completely. My scales went perfect. I begin my piece (Romanze, by Max Bruch-- look it up, it's gorgeous) and, what should happen, but my phone starts ringing. My phone. I turn it off EVERY morning before school. Apparently, last Friday I forgot and somehow I didn't get any calls or messages the entire day during school. So I had no idea.
There was a rather intimidating Asian woman as well as the director of music for the college overseeing my audition, and after the phone incident, I was so embarrassed and scared that I played pretty badly. I cried a lot after. I can't believe that happened.

But anyhow. I have a job interview on Thursday (YESSSS!!!) so I'm happy about that. I was so worried about not having a job because I'm moving out so soon and need work and money. I'm going to have to give up teaching violin lessons if I get the job though. Which is sad. But I'm prepared to do it.


This has been a rough school year, can I just say?

Today was a jumbled mess of early morning classes, regular school, excessive Hamlet assignments, The Awakening, teaching violin lessons, dancing, grocery shopping, and sorting out music scholarship auditions. I feel like I run around too much, but then when I stop, all my emotions catch up with me. So maybe it's better to keep running. ^^

I decided today to try to educate myself in movies and redboxed a couple that people have talked a lot about, but I realized unfortunately that if I want to get my dollars worth, it'll cut into my sleep tonight, so now I'm kind of regretting picking them up. Haha, oh well.


My songs of 2009

January - Today - Name Taken
February - If I Didn't Know Any Better - Allison Krauss
March - The Fireflies - The Dear and Departed
April - Brothers On A Hotel Bed - Death Cab For Cutie
May - Tire Swing - Kimya Dawson
June - The Aftermath - Hero From A Thousand Paces
July - Pen & Paper - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
August - The First Single - The Format
September - Time - Cute Is What We Aim For
October - The Party Song - Emery
November - One Fine Wire - Colbie Calliat
December - The Ponytail Parades - Emery


Can I just give up?
I need to just crash and break down so badly.

*cough cough*

Been sick for THREE weeks. I'm kinda pissed. It sucks.
Life is still hard and I don't like it. But I suppose that's the way it goes. I strengthened a couple long lost friendships so pretty much two people are getting me through right now. Sigh.
It's hard because the last two years living away from home haven't been too bad, but this year I just want to go back. Never really been this homesick before. I just keep telling myself I gotta finish this year out and then I'm graduated finally and can do whatever.

On a more positive note (pun intended), I gained three violin students and I'm hopefully getting three more. And possibly a viola student too, but I won't get my hopes up. Maybe this will help compensate for the fact that I can't seem to find a job.