bleach movies

hi der i just saw bleach movies der was memories of nobodies an dimeon dust rebilleion dose movies wer awsome i want 2 c more (memories of nobodies) ichigo was so nice in dis movies expeshaly at da end wen he was 'bout 2 cry wen he got senas ribbion even thou ichi alwasy recks his life 2 save da ppl he cares 4 he was even gonna stop his friends from taking sena even thou he just met her it was probably love at first sight well lets talk about da other one (dimeon dust rebilleion) poor toshiro was acussed of treson just 4 leaveing his post 2 get da oiun back dey even wanted 2 kill poor toshiro but it was like a love scien at da end with toshiro an rangiku i think dey make a cute cuppel but i say rangiku should b with gin an toshiro with ichigo's lil sis or momo but i started 2 cry at da end cuz toshiro had 2 kill his best friend in da soul acadamy poor toshiro suffers to much 4 a lil kid well dats all 4 2day

nooooo!!!!! Dont end

Im so sad dat it had 2 end i really love da series but it was nice how dey ended it i alway wanted de 2 get married but y did her family had 2 erase her memorie put wats done is done i really wat a new series of chibi vampire dat gose with her douther an her brothers kid but i hope da kid isnt like rin in anyway

axel is a girl???

hi again i just finished playing kingdom haerts 358/2 da game was so good no it was better den good it was great but it was also sad at da with xion but wat got me so happy 2 wright dis was wen sai'x called axel lea wen he called axel lea it got me cnfuesed so i went 2 go c how lea was an it turned out dat b4 axel was a nobodie he was a girl an a very cutie one at dat


hi im ligth i relly lke bleach da most but i still dont not know if grimmjow will die i hope not cuz 1 of me favs well im not writing much cuz dis is my first bt fight wit grimm an ichi was so cool but u here bout it l8ter