Greetings people of theO. Welcome to Tales of Light and Darkness, my world of fan fiction written by me, Darkarax, your resident lord of shadows. Don't worry, these tales will have happy endings, but there may be a certain element of horror involved in a few of them. The tales you will see here will be about my favorite anime and manga. I won't be writing these stories all at once though. I'll be writing these stories one at a time, doing one or two chapters at a time. Probably not every day, but maybe whenever I get a few hours of free time to kick around. It'll also depend on how quickly my inspiration comes to me. So check back as often as possible for updates. I hope you enjoy reading.

Important Announcement

I've been giving this a lot of thought, and I'm thinking of repurposing this world. The fact is I've pretty much let this world die. This is mainly due to me preferring to put my stories on FanFiction.Net, since on that site I get more feedback and have more freedom with the kind of stuff I write. Don't worry though. If I do decide to repurpose this world, I won't be deleting any of the stories posted here. Those stories instead will be moved to either my Pokemon Cupboard or Yu-Gi-Oh Puzzle Room worlds, depending on what series they're from. Or they'll just get moved to my Random Thoughts world. Either way, I probably won't be making this decision until the end of the month. So if anyone has any questions, suggestions, or any other comments, you have until the end of the month to speak them.

Memories of Maiden's Peak

Summery: A reporter recounts a time when he was young when he and his family moved to Maiden's Peak and met a strange girl that changed his life forever. Four-part story. Introduction: I just got finished ...

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Scourge of Galactic

Summery: The direct sequel to Trial of the Phoenix. One year after the events that led to Ash capturing Ho-Oh, Ash and Misty travel to the Sinnoh Region. Things start out like any normal Pokemon journey, but soon Ash and Misty b...

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GX: Dark Queen of Miator

Introduction and Summary This next tale is a sequel to my previous fanfic, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Strawberry Crisis. So don't read this story until you've read that one. If you have read Strawberry Crisis, you'll know that this story is a...

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Revenge of Noir Mask

Summery: Part 2 of the Noir Mask Trilogy. For ten years Noir Mask has served Team Rocket loyally as an elite agent. But when a tragedy gives her the chance for revenge against those who wronger, Noir Mask will cut all ties and g...

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