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Name: Manuel J.
Age: 19
Birthday: 3/10/1990
Gender: Male
Location: North Carolina
Favorite Color: Blue
Hobbies: Draw - Video Games
Goals: Career in IT position
Favorite Anime: Cowboy Bebop, Ghost In The Shell, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Naruto!

__________________ __________________

I'm not very reliable but, I'm always here "somewhere" Once you get to know me I think you'll understand what that means. I don't think it makes me a bad person? does it?

What happened.

Long story short. Things started going out of whack as soon as I promised some things... We got a new computer, and some things went on with the other. Then our new one went on the fritz. It's been fixed for a while. Our new printer is awesome. Mom's back from Mexico, leaving soon. Taking care of the kids. Working things out for school but I have been working on some game related art. First one WILL be up this sunday at the latest. I really like it. Hope you do to.

Promise to get to everyone soon...

Sexy time!

Hey guys que pasa? I don't expect anyone to respond. I seriously don't even know how many of you out there are still "alive, and kicking." I've decided to refresh and renew myself and everything around moi. I've recently gone on a healthier lifestyle, most definitely. I'm trying to get a little more fit. Still no job, how sad...... I'm starting school this January, hopefully things get better. Still living here. I realized I am really addicted to video gaming..... lol I still hang out with friends and stuff but wow some of the stories they tell... Hmm and very artistic sometimes, they've inspired me to start drawing again... I haven't been watching to much tv or anime lately. So I want to check out what's new out there.

Keep a look out for my work, if you want that is. I should have the first drawing from the new ME by the end of this upcoming week.

P.S. My Wii broke. T_T

Got My ...........................

i can't believe it... i got my license today.. i feel awesome.. gonna go out without having my parents to take me anywhere.. wooo... i FAILED the drivers test the first time.. but god i would of killed myself if i didn't pass it this time. SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey every one well i guess it's time i update. nothing much going on really. i don't remember what i was going to tell you guys a while ago so i won't tell you anything that i think is to old. i'm graduating in less than 2 weeks. it's freaking me out. seriosuly. i am completely unprepared. which is really sad in my case. lifes crazy i have had tests for the past week. and i've been studying non-stop for finals. which are next week. also it's a little weird that i'm 18 but getting braces at least to me. it's just not right. maybe it's just me but i could have gotten them sooner i wonder why i didn't get them? family life is ok nothing much hated my parents for a little while then got over it. also i promised so many people drawings at school, procrastination is not the way to go. man i have to finish around 8 drawings (complicated drawings within the next two weeks..) i might put some up on theotaku. also working on this drawing for a competition on deviantart http://news.deviantart.com/article/49106/ ... also working on another drawing for DA i saw it and had to make the girl version. http://koinogenki.deviantart.com/art/Kags-Pls-81139751 i'll upload it here too. i'll leave it at that for now. don't want to bore you with my life...

New worlds

??? these new worlds aren't as bad as i thought they were going to be.. they're actually kind of good.. But i really want to put some music on this page. i wish i knew how... i love to customize my crap you know.. anyway i'm hoping to submit new art and junk to my stuff. everything seems a little to barren you know.. i don't like emptiness... any suggestions? oh and my myotaku site i have some plans for that i hope people don't abandon myotaku.