I dunno. Jut a rant.

I dunno why, but the randomest thing popped into my head: How come everyone around me has had/has a successful relationship? I mean, long-lasting, anyways. A perfect example would be my churro buddy Blake and my Oneesama. Now, they've been happily together for...4 months now? 4 or 5. (Man, time flies~) They're happy together, and though they can't be together in person, their love is still as strong as ever. Now, why can't it be like that for all of us? See, where I am (Southern California), it's not so easy finding a guy that meets even half my expectations. I don't expect him to, but most of the guys in my town are all wangster (not a typo) status and pretty much want a sl*t for a girl. Yeah, well, i'm not one, nor will I ever be. It seems like just about everywhere else, you can find respectable young men instead of what's in my town. I know there's still wangsters and gangsters and crap out there, but the least I expect is for him to treat any girl like she's the last girl on Earth. Nothing more. Well, I hope for more, but that's the bare minimum.

I don't know why I posted this. I just felt I needed to for some reason. I apologize if this upsets anyone in any sort of way.