Trip to the Mall |D

So, since my Aunt is here, we decided to go to the mall. First, we eat lunch at P.F. Chang's. I got this huge bowl of Wonton soup. Then, we go into Victoria's Secret. I headed straight for the sale area for the underwear. I picked up a thong, turned to my best friend, and said "I want this for Christmas." She went in a drawer, pulled out a Medium of the same thong, and put it in her shopping bag. So, guess what i'm getting for Xmas from her? Yup. A thong.

Then, we went outside. I thought it would be funny to take her into Frederick's. My mom sure as hell didn't. Got the worst griping-out i'll probably ever get. So then we walked around some, ran into people including my best friend's dad. Then, we went to JCPenny to try on jeans. I ended up getting a pair of neon pink pants. Afterwards, I went into Tokyo and Book Off. I got Kitchen Princess 5 at Book Off. I got a Naruto figurine, Miku wallet, Miku pin, pocky, and Hello Panda in Tokyo. Then, I left the mall.

My mall trips are epic. :)