Those who get me angry deserve to feel severe pain.

So, y'all remember Brandon, right? That guy that stole my first kiss? Yeah, well, he's on the move again. And this time it's my best friend he's after. I look over, and he's hugging all over her. She had a pleading look on her face, like she wanted him off and away from her. That set me off. I can't even stand to be forced to sit next to him in class, but I tolerate his immatureness. Now he's crossed the line. Nobody does this to me or to her. I'll make sure he rots in hell for his actions. He doesn't deserve to walk around proudly at this school. A school where he has already ruined his chances at finding love at Mary Star of the Sea High. Because of what he did to me, my friend Bethany, and my friend Victoria. He just needs to realize that he needs to back the hell off and leave us be. He needs to get his ass out of our lives and never interfere ever again, or i'll make his liffe worse than hell itself.