Gender: Female

Age: 17 (almost 18 :))

Live in: Australia

Real name: Carmon

Fave Animes: Inuyasha , Bleach, Hell girl, black blood brothers, vampire princess, moon phase, death note, Shakugan no Shana and black cat, there's probably more but i can't think of them at the moment. ^-^

Current obsession: Photography, which is really annoying as my camera really sucks

Likes: Randomness, funny stuff, vampires, Anime , manga, books (especially urban fantasy!), lollies, my friends, science, photography, creative writing

Dislikes: Rude comments/answers (is why i like the O, Everyone here is so friendly ^-^), Tomatoes, planning and school sport. Other stuff to but i can't be bothered typing it up.

Dream job: Forensic scientist or Working with genetics

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Well it's currently red, but naturaly it's a horribly mousey brown colour.

Fave colour: Black, purple and red

Fave T.V show: Tie between the new Docter Who, Supernatural and how i met your mother

Fave Food: mangoes and smoked salmon

Fave computer game: Plants vs Zombies

Grade/Year: 1st year university

Current uni subjects: well seeing as this semester's nearly over i'll tell you next semester's: Philosophy, intro to forensics, intro to human anatomy and physiology, cell biology.

Item at the top of my wish list: A really good digital camera.


(aka all my fave characters)

So i couldnt be bother typing up two lists so i'm remerging them.
This is a list of all my fave characters (best first)

Character - Anime/book/series/movie/etc

Sesshomaru - Inuyasha
Zelman Clock - Black Blood Brothers
Janx - Negotiator Trillogy
Lestat de Lioncourt - Vampire Chronicals
Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist
The Doctor - Doctor Who
Spike - Buffy
Bones aka Crispin (i think) - Night Huntress series
Byakuya Kuchiki - Bleach
Inuyasha - Inuyasha
Bankotsu - Inuyasha
Rin - Inuyasha
Nathanial - Anita Blake series
Kotaro Mochizuki - Black Blood Brothers
Kisuke Urahara - Bleach
Jiro Mochizuki - Black Blood Brothers
L. Lawliet - Death Note
Diansi(spelling?) - Negotiator trillogy
Jason - Anita Blake
Jakotsu - Inuyasha
Yafuri Chao - Black Blood Brothers
Kogura - Inuyasha
Ren Ichimoku - Hell Girl
Mimiko Katsuragi - Black Blood Brothers
Damn it! I know that there's heaps more but i cant think of any at the moment T_T

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Email adress: [email protected]

Some more stuff about me; here and here

Lolz this is obviously an edited pic. You can see the original here.

VWBSZWAS stands for: Vampirewerewolfbrainsuckingzombie with a straw (It's a loooooooooooong story.) Bye for now and please read my posts and comment. You rock!!! ^-^

for the sake of posting something lolz

welll i haven't posted for a while so i figured i better I went on a camp for police rangers on the wekend. It was heaps of fun, except we had to sleep in tents and i'm not much for camping. Anyway we went to a fair that was about 4 h...

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○● B R I T I S H ○● [ ] You drink a lot of tea. [ ] Foggy weather is great. [ ] Deal or No Deal has taken over your life. [ ] You wanted Ben to win xFactor. [x] Fish and Chips are yummy. [ ] You can eat ...

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World peace? is it really a good idea?

Yay i'm going on a camp for police rangers tommorow. ^-^ i'm really happy especialy because mum said i had to stay home to house sit because everyone else was going away that weekend to do fun stuff, but i got my ranger leader to talk to her and s...

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I have to miss recess to attend my online lesson for lit, only today i didn't have one, and i missed out on recess anyway, becaus4e i dodn't find that out until i was already at the stupid classroom on the other side of the school. SO now i've got to wait until lunch to eat and i'm starving T_T

School ball ^-^

Our yr12 ball was yesterday. It was so much fun. Though it took forever to get everything organised at home and I think my mum went a bit overboard with the glitter in my hair XD. We were meant to arrive in a bus, but zac said he couldn’t g...

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