Gender: Female

Age: 17 (almost 18 :))

Live in: Australia

Real name: Carmon

Fave Animes: Inuyasha , Bleach, Hell girl, black blood brothers, vampire princess, moon phase, death note, Shakugan no Shana and black cat, there's probably more but i can't think of them at the moment. ^-^

Current obsession: Photography, which is really annoying as my camera really sucks

Likes: Randomness, funny stuff, vampires, Anime , manga, books (especially urban fantasy!), lollies, my friends, science, photography, creative writing

Dislikes: Rude comments/answers (is why i like the O, Everyone here is so friendly ^-^), Tomatoes, planning and school sport. Other stuff to but i can't be bothered typing it up.

Dream job: Forensic scientist or Working with genetics

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Well it's currently red, but naturaly it's a horribly mousey brown colour.

Fave colour: Black, purple and red

Fave T.V show: Tie between the new Docter Who, Supernatural and how i met your mother

Fave Food: mangoes and smoked salmon

Fave computer game: Plants vs Zombies

Grade/Year: 1st year university

Current uni subjects: well seeing as this semester's nearly over i'll tell you next semester's: Philosophy, intro to forensics, intro to human anatomy and physiology, cell biology.

Item at the top of my wish list: A really good digital camera.


(aka all my fave characters)

So i couldnt be bother typing up two lists so i'm remerging them.
This is a list of all my fave characters (best first)

Character - Anime/book/series/movie/etc

Sesshomaru - Inuyasha
Zelman Clock - Black Blood Brothers
Janx - Negotiator Trillogy
Lestat de Lioncourt - Vampire Chronicals
Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist
The Doctor - Doctor Who
Spike - Buffy
Bones aka Crispin (i think) - Night Huntress series
Byakuya Kuchiki - Bleach
Inuyasha - Inuyasha
Bankotsu - Inuyasha
Rin - Inuyasha
Nathanial - Anita Blake series
Kotaro Mochizuki - Black Blood Brothers
Kisuke Urahara - Bleach
Jiro Mochizuki - Black Blood Brothers
L. Lawliet - Death Note
Diansi(spelling?) - Negotiator trillogy
Jason - Anita Blake
Jakotsu - Inuyasha
Yafuri Chao - Black Blood Brothers
Kogura - Inuyasha
Ren Ichimoku - Hell Girl
Mimiko Katsuragi - Black Blood Brothers
Damn it! I know that there's heaps more but i cant think of any at the moment T_T

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Email adress: [email protected]

Some more stuff about me; here and here

Lolz this is obviously an edited pic. You can see the original here.

VWBSZWAS stands for: Vampirewerewolfbrainsuckingzombie with a straw (It's a loooooooooooong story.) Bye for now and please read my posts and comment. You rock!!! ^-^

I forgot...

Last night i was thinking about something and i was going to post it here today, but i can't for the life of me remember what it is! So this is just going to be a random post lol.
Yay the holidays are almost here, no more school! Unfortunatly i have to go see my dad and he has no internet (Noooooo!!!), so i wont be on the O for the next few days. On the plus side my birthdays in a few weeks and i'm finally able to get my L's! Not to metion me and my friends are planning a huge anime marathon. Untill then i plan to draw heaps and maybe try and write some fanfics, so any ideas for either would be awesome! And does anyone know any other good anime sites? Oh and please check out the stsry me and my friends are writting and tell us what you think, it's in my other world, Kit.
Well bye for now, if i can remember what i was originaly gonna post i'll post it, if not see ya next time, bye. ^-^

This is a pic of Kit, my OC from the story:


Today i had art first period but for some reason i totaly thought i had resess next so when the bell went i asked the teacher if i could stay to finish my work, and as she usualy has kids in during their free periods she said yes. It was only halfway through the lesson that i realized that i actualy had physics not resess XD. I ended up staying for the whole lesson 'cause there was no way in hell i was going to try and explain that to my physics teacher, he doesen't like people being even five minutes late, let alone half a lesson. And anyway art is much more fun then physics! ^-^