For Better; For Worse

As one door closes, another one opens.

As cliché as the cliché is, this week is going to be a very pivotal moment in my life.
The long-standing struggle that I've been going through is almost near its climactic event horizon...

And then I'm failing 2 classes, so that's nice!

I want to pound my head on the nearest desk that's not mine.
I'm upset but I'm not upset.
I'm not surprised that my grades in these Calculus and Science suck, considering that I have had an extreme lack of time to get the extra studying that I need.

After this weekend and the following few events I will have to haul lots of ass to get my grades up because I've never in my life had grades this low.
I've bitten it hard in one or two classes before, but never a double whammy of failing 2 at one time.

This will be fun.

Y'know what fun stands for?


Pray for me.

After I get my grades up I'll try to fill y'all in on the nitty gritty details, promise!