Slight Random

To cap off the night I have a slight random to share

I've thought about doing this for a while, and I still don't know if or when I will, but I've thought about researching my DNA using that AncestryDNA thing.

If you aren't fully up to speed on what AncestryDNA is, it's a DNA test that allows you to discover your distant backgrounds. Note that this is no advertisement for AncestryDNA, but I think it's really cool and for the sake of knowing more about the circumstances under which I was born, I'd like to try it.

I was thinking of doing it around my birthday.
That's one thing I wouldn't mind paying for. I'm trying to hold onto my money for as long as I can.

...I'm really frugal, I don't like spending money.

What do y'all think?
Have any of you tried AncestryDNA or know someone that has?