My Current Anime Situation

So I'm in a bit of a conundrum now.

I said that I wanted to buy more stuff for myself, right? Well, the thing is, I don't like spending money like that!

But with the next semester rolling around, of course I have to buy books, but I'm currently working on a way to fix it to where I don't have to spend too much.

And while I did just recently get paid, and got paid a bit more than normal, I actually had a family emergency over the break, so I had to drop a lot of money to help get that situation handled.

Here's where I stand now.

I have to buy another plane ticket for my next break, which is already going to be around $600.00...Sucks.
But after that if I get paid next month I would like to allocate somewhere between 2 and 300 for myself.

Right now I'm willing to put down a payment for FighterZ, which is like $60.00, and I want to buy "Nichijou" since it is now licensed again for North America.

Here's my issue:
I looked on the "Funimation" website, and I wouldn't have minded paying like $50.00 for the Blu-Ray + DVD Combo of "Nichijou" but the damn thing is OUT OF STOCK!
I don't know if that means it's completely sold out and I can't buy from Funimation or if I have to wait, but I could get it off of Amazon for way cheaper, which I also wouldn't mind doing.

I really don't want to wait because Nichijou is really special in that it's licensing is so whack. I didn't know that it was licensed damn near last year, but I knew for a long time it was impossible to get it in North America.

I'm thinking of buying FighterZ and Nichijou in the next few days because I may have 1 or 2 textbooks to buy.
That and my plane ticket will completely tide me over in how much I'm willing to spend until I get paid again, but I am trying to be really careful about what I do with my money.

Anime is such an expensive hobby.

All in all, do you think Funimation might restock "Nichijou" or do I have to settle for cheaping out on Amazon?
I wouldn't mind paying like $50.00 from Funimation because it supports the industry, but still, I don't feel like waiting and who knows what else might happen to it's licensing?