For Future Reference

So I've been somehow finding time and space to draw a lot, as you can see if you've kept up with me.

Previously I took a poll of the comics I wanted to do, just to get a feel for what would interest you guys the most, but I didn't get a whole lot of specific feedback, mostly drama and action were taking the lead so I pushed the horror scenes to the wayside and haven't even drawn those.

So as of now I have 3 action fan comics and 3 drama fan comics, and I'll just let my mood determine which ones I do first.
I was thinking of just working on them all at different intervals so if I start one I don't get bored with it and just completely stop, so we'll see how that goes.

I am going to my uncle's funeral on Saturday so this entire weekend I'll be busy and tired with all of the travelling, so I don't expect to get back into it for a week or so. I would try to work on it on Thursday because most if not all of my exams will be done, but I will be doing something that night, so I may not get to working on the drawing.

It's not something imperative, but I try to relax when I can, and if it relaxes me and allows me to put up some content on this site, then everybody wins.

See you soon, and have a good week.