When life gives you lemons...

So today i was supposed to go find a job as my boyfriend does not approve of my returning to bar tending, which sucks! Anyhoo! I got up this morning to go job searching and ended up at the first place i stopped by, a real estate agency-don't ask- helping a lady pick out the paint color to accent the pictures in her pool room, random-yes i know... it was very random! but this other woman overheard our conversation and called me over.
it turns out this woman refurbishes homes and would like to take on an apprentice, so i have a meeting with her tomorrow!
that had to be the easiest job find ever!
well, anyhoo!
i'm off to go finish up the next chapter on my Majestic Harlot fanfic...

but first let me just say!
i have learned over this past year that if you're not careful you can let someone else control your life. thats what i just went through actually...my boyfriend didn't approve of any of what i liked and i allowed him to take it all away. which was wrong! so this account on this site is in rebellion-sort of a i'm-taking-my-life-back thing!