So this is the place I am going to just write whatever comes to my mind. Keep in mind you will probably here alot about my Fanfiction which i have posted on

The 1st and longest so far is Tainted Innocence-
It is about a young woman that has a bombshell dropped on her by her parents, getting her hurled into the Seireitei and leads to interesting outcomes! It evolves into a Kenpachi Zaraki love story...
The 2nd is Majestic Harlot-
The third seat of the 5th division is not what many would consider...morally correct...she gets herself into trouble and finds herself forced to live under the watchful eye of Byakuya Kuchiki. This evolves into a Byakuya Kuchiki love story....
The newest one, but the 2nd longest for some reason is Scientific Love-
Quiet and calm, Manami is the 4th seat of the 5th division. Unfortunate events throw her into an interesting situation with the unusual captain of the 12th division. A Mayuri Kurotsuchi love story...

So there is a little heads up on what i might be ranting about lol!
and i'm sure there will be much more as well!

ALOT to do!!!

I have to go to that meeting today and i am very excited! I also know what i'm doing for the next chapter of each of my fanfics! (on which is WoNdErFuL!!! lol!
i hope everyone is having a good day!
so i have a question:
Who else does not think Yumichika (from Bleach) is gay?

i am not a homophobe! my mother is a lesbian. just figured i'd add this so people don't get upset...