Last Night

So i went to the hospital last night for some unknown allergic reaction on my neck and shoulders and back. It still hurts but not as bad and im dizzy from the medicine they gave me


going to an awesome field trip for free and I am so excited!! going to play on a zip line

Hmmmm....I need help

I'm feeling really creative right now...think i might write a story today...what do you think?
if you think any ideas?

Today 10/17/11

im at school and my head is killing me but im still smiling because my amazing boyfried (MichaelsMusic) is telling me really sweet always and of course its making me happy. and i managed to make my best friend smile after a bad breakup and she is my 2nd wife/my not gf....long story on that one. anyways i miss reading mangas but i has no money!!! cant wait untill the 24th, 28th, and 29th!!! well thats all for now. byeez