Can Black Wings Turn White?

If life was shown by our wings, a certain child with pure white innocence pair was harshly treated by the darkness of reality. The child, as he was growing up, has always believed the world was a better place. But as the child unfold the truth of the world around him; he was abused by the darkness.

The cruel truth of the world he knew destroyed the very hopes and dreams of this child. He was beaten senselessly, crippling one of his wings and the other torn off. While the senseless beating continues as he grows into a young man; his remaining, crippled wing was turning black because of the cruel and apparent fact of this world.

The young man, after the harsh treatment, wanders in hopes of proving the reality wrong. But he only sees darkness all around him as everything he believes or hopes was decaying around him, slowly fading away. Wondering through the darks grounds, he can only accept the cruelty and truth of reality.

However, this youth decided to look up and see the high blue skies instead of the low dirt-filled ground. Though he accepts the truth, he continues to fight, to fight of what he believes: good triumph over evil, lights scatters the darkness. He struggle, but nevertheless continues to flap his wing through the sky, aiming the never-ending top of the heavens

Darkness and reality may shoot him down with arrows and projectiles of cruelty, but he strongly willed himself to fly high. What drives him to fly was his belief as a child, the belief that was thought to be long forgotten. Though he has one wing, crippled and beaten, and stained with the blood of his deeds, his wing grow stronger every day, and slowly turning white


just something I did over a few days, and what I can do to make up for my lost of days of non-submittion

hope you can enjoy, and this is kinda psychological, so please enjoy n understand

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