The Blind Feels, Not See

In a still alley, at a crack of dawn, there’s sat a little girl who can only hear. Her silver fringe sways in the peaceful zephyr, waiting silently in a quiet town; listening to anything that swift passes her eyes. The only thing she can hear is the birds singing in the day and the wind howling at the night, and the breathing of her own.

She didn’t quiver nor move an inch, all she can do was listen. She was alone but not scared, for all she can depend on is herself. She just appeared in the
same alley, in the same town, with no one helping her or around her.

She always waiting silently in the place, for a so-called hope that something might happen to her on that day…


As the shot was even fired, the dark colossal creature stumble to the ground. Holes were seen upon this massive creature with great claws, small wings, and a huge hole on its chest shaped of a heart. Though enormous, this creature was
not able to withstand the power and trickery of a gunslinger.

The gunslinger swings and lops his guns, and it disappeared in thin air. He was an unusual fighter, for he has battles scars beyond comparable and bandages cover his right eye. His black ponytail swishes, as he turned and walked away from the area like it never happened.

“Whew! Man they gotta give me some vacation after all this,” the bandaged fighter complained after his short-minute mission. “Pfft…As if! Like they ever give me a break.”

As the lone shooter walks down the street, he notices something from across the right path. For on the perpendicular path, he saw a girl with a sliver fringe and a presence of a Nobody. With a sigh and rolled his eyes, he went to the little girl, trying to put on his best inviting face.

“Well, hey there lil’ girl! How are ya?” He said with a bright smile as he squats in front of her. “Why you’re doing here alone in this ally?”


“Why are you doing here alone in this ally?” she heard as someone spoken something friendly. She can’t distinguish who - or what - that person is, for all she can know someone notices her. She continue on being quiet for she cannot believe someone just detect her.

She slowly brings up her hand to that persons face to get a good feel. Though she didn’t see that person crouch or stoop but she can hear the movement of that person coming closer and stopped. She feels he was flinching a bit from her hand but let her touch his face.


As she sits there quietly he cannot helped but be kinda impatient. He scratched behind his neck, and put on a questioning face.

Is she listening and trying to sink my invitation or she’s deaf?, he thought.

Then she reached her hand towards his face. Though she slowly touched his face it still makes him flinch, but realized something he couldn’t imagine.

Greeeeaaaaat….she’s blind, he thought annoyed. How am I – no, the Organization - going to help her?

She continued gliding her hand upwards across his face. As she reached to one huge scar on his right face, she stopped. She couldn’t believe her touch, for this person has scars bigger then her fingers.

She continued on towards his eyes. On the left she can feel he’s ok but on the right she can feel bandages. She covers her mouth with her hand in shock.

H-h-h-how, she thought but didn’t spoke.


He flinched a tiny bit because of the pain she touched. He mentally ‘pfft’ because Nobodies don’t feel pain, but somehow it was natural.

As she closed her mouth, he became a bit irritated.

Oh great, another pity person, he thought angrily. Oh what she’s going to do, guide me to the portal, or... oh wait she’s blind and whats next a dude will come and help us both!? Ah whatever I’m not going to let out my anger on her.

He got up and grumbled as he walked.

What is with this people! I can handle myself even if I got a bad eye! Humph!, he angrily thought. Although I shouldn’t have just walk away from her, she’s blind for crying out loud! I think I’ll walk back and apologizes for my rude behavior- , he thought but was interrupted by something.

‘Hmmm?’ he said as he felt a tugged.

He turned and found a little hand has grip onto his coat…


Angrily grumbling, the man got up and walks away; or at least that’s what she heard.

W-w-what? H-he’s leaving?? , she thought, T-t-this must b-b-be hope everyone keeps talking a-a-about; maybe h-h-he will h-h-help me.

She quickly tries to get up and walk to him, while holding the wall for support. She moves as fast as she could; although she can’t see where she was going, but know where he might be. She sticks out her hand to grab something and she grabs a coat of some sort.

Then she muttered the loudest she could…


“C-c-can… I-I go… w-w-with… y-you?” she said as she was holding on his coat and leaning on the wall. She sounded like scared as if she get lost again.

As if! She’s already lost…, he thought then realizes something. Lost, with noone to help her… Oh great I’m having pity on her. Pfft! Well at least I could bring her along…maybe help her, he though as a smile form on his face, a smile of compassion. He noticed the smile on his face, and shakes it off; for Nobodies can’t feel compassion or having smiles of it.

“Sure kid,” he said still smiling, holding her hand (as she let go of the wall), and lead her to the portal. As they reached to the dark, twisted portal, the girl grasp closer to him.
“W-w-what is that?” she said trembling and afraid.

He noticed her frightening tone and curiously wondered how can she even ‘see’ the portal. He squat down, put a kindly hand on her shoulder, and said a few comforting words.

“Don’t worry,” he started, “I make sure nothing will ever hurt you, kay?” he ended with a pleasant smile; not sure how he can though.

The girl, who was still frighten ‘cause of the portal, think not a second thought. She jumped right to him and gave him a hug. Surprised, the gunslinger was stunned for that moment when she muttered something in his ear.

“,” was all she said before she went asleep, resting as her arms are still around him. The bandaged gunslinger just smiled hearing that.

Dad? She thinks I’m her daddy?, He thought, well can’t really blame the kid for that.

He got up, carrying her. It’s not like anyone has been taken care of her here, right? Maybe I should bring her back to the Castle. Since she calls me dad, maybe I should take care of her, until she can fend for herself. Heh, as if! , as he thought of the last words, but didn’t mean any offense.

He lifted her up, holding on to her, walk towards the portal; but soon realized that she wouldn’t made through the other side. He zipped open his coat, enough space for him to cover her, zipped close, and put on the hood for both of them.

There at least now she’s safe, he thought to himself, Better hurry or the Superior will be at my neck!

But before they go in, she muttered something...



The bandaged gunslinger and the blind girl went back to his domicile; little is said of what happened later to them. Some would say the gunner trained the little girl to feel her surroundings; others would say the blind girl didn’t join and she was back to be all alone in the darkness; and while others say the gunner takes cares of her like his own daughter...

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