Beginning of My Travels

Ahhhh… the cool breeze, sweet melodies of the birds, the sun over face, and…warm raindrops!? I thought as I rested near a large stone. Weird these raindrops felt slimy and sticky and smell of apples and hay. Whats going on!?I slowly open my eyes and look up and there resting and drooling right over my face is Blaze, my dark gray horse.

“Ah gross dude!” I leaped away from that horse and wiped my face with my poncho. “I didn’t know horse can drool!”

Blaze suddenly awakens by my complaining, yawned, and went back to sleep. I got a bit annoyed by his ignorance, so I just gather some water with a container from a nearby pond and splash the water at him. He literary went sky high and landed on his four limbs wide awaken, because the pond was very cold from last night.

“HAHAHA! That will teach ya for drooling over me,” I laughed as the horse was still shivering.

The gray dude was enraged so he charged towards me, and me still laughing my heads off. For the second I thought he had already tried this tactic before, so I do what I always do: fake and evade. He charged, I stopped, jumped right over him, and he crashes into tree right behind me, simple no? I did all that until step 3.

When I landed with perfect position he came right back like a raging bull and me as a clueless matador hitting me at the back and crashing into the pond. I let out a bit yip and shoot right out of the freezing waters, while Blaze laughing his manes off.

“Okay fine. The cold water was a bit too much. Sorry okay?” I said shivering.
The horse still was neighing laughter but just a few. He came over and hand a towel he took from his saddles’ pockets.

“Thanks, so we’re even right?” I asked accepting the towel.

The horse neighed and nodded his head up and down and gently strokes his head on me indicating his sorry for the drooling.

“Yeah I know boy. I knew you didn’t mean to, you just tired that’s all,” I said gently rubbing his head and brushing his mane. “And I didn’t mean to splash ya with that water; I sometimes get irritated that’s all.”

He just neighed happily, and I smiled. About an hour later I’ve packed up the ‘camp’ and we hit the road. Blaze and I are always traveling a lot; from town to town, village to village, across lands, and even across oceans. We’re always traveling because we don’t have a permanent home anywhere, ‘cause it’s too expensive and too much of a problem.

But this day might change because we reached to a place called Forget-Me-Not Valley.

Yeah so hope you enjoy it!

Zexion: ...
Me: What?
Zexion: What in the name of Kingdom Hearts is this?
Me: Wha-
Zexion: This is weird to be either called a fanfiction or short story, it just to weird!
Me: *sigh*...-_-'