Hello and welcome to my writing world.
I can't promise that everything I post will be bright and cheery, in fact this is probably going to be my horrible, scarring world. But I'd like for people to read my work and perhaps give me feedback.

Please don't be offended by anything posted, it all has relevance, remember these are only exerts of my work.

Thank you, please enjoy my work. :)


It was a cold and rather rainy night on the 25th of November. I ran from that house with all my power, feet naked to the concrete, tears mingled with the rain that soaked me through and the burn of every single muscle in my body begging me to stop and catch my breath yet pushing me forward all the same. I knew that every stranger I passed in the street were glaring at me; sobbing, shoeless and running as if all the demons off hell were chasing me. In that moment I felt every single emotion running through me; fear, anger, sorrow yet also hope, freedom and complete abundance to the world. I’d finally stood up for myself. I’d finally taken that step and said “No more.” I felt I could take on the world and I would have if I’d had reason to. I had nothing to lose apart from myself and at that time I valued myself very little.