Lesson 13:

That's Life

As a great man once said, that's life and as funny as it may seem some people get their kicks stompin on a dream. People for the most part suck. Not all but most, let us be honest here, The general populous are not a pleasant bunch. What most people fail to realize is that they only suck as much as you let them. If you let every negative comment thrown your way get you down, well hell, you suck. Life is what you make it. You gotta be like a duck, let all that stuff roll off you r back and as a forgetful fish likes to sing just keep swimming.

Lesson 12:


ok sooo obviously I haven't been keepin up on the up and up with these lessons. I knew deep down inside that I wouldn't be able to do it every day and that eventually I'd forget all together. which lead me to this lesson.

I dont know if everyone does this however I do it, and after all I am human...

If somebody asks you to do anything at all big or small (I rhymed hehehe) and you know in your heart of hearts your not gonna actually commit to it JUST SAY NO. It's much harder later on after you've said yes to go back and say no.

Lesson 11:

Avoiding a problem or inconvenience will often make a problem worse and an inconvenience well, more inconvenient.

Everyone's done it... right? I have anyway several times in fact. I'll have some problem big or small say, need to take care of financial aid at school, or someone won't stop hounding me to hang out even though I've said NO many many times.

Resistance to another human being seems to make them more persistent, which I find highly annoying. How do you tell someone no, without hurting them? This is an art I've yet to master, if anyone should have a word of advice I'll gladly take it.

Basically the lesson here, what I'm trying to say is don't avoid a conflict just because it seems uncomfortable. Usually, can't say always, but usually avoidance will only make the situation worse. And if it's awkward just think how much more awkward it will be the longer you wait!

Lesson 10:

Just because the general masses think someone is good, or that something is a good idea does NOT mean it is.

This is a truth I discovered from a practice I developed early on in life. Ya know I can't remember why I started but I remember the first time I did it. My favorite color was blue, I sat there thinking about it and realized almost all my friends favorite colors were blue. I didn't want to be like everyone else, I wanted a color no one else I knew called their favorite. At the time it was orange so that became my new favorite color and still is.

Most kids now and then want to fit, want to want what everyone else seems to. Not to offend anyone if they like him but case in point Justin Bieber. His fan base is a bunch of screaming little girls because its easy to sell to them. I'm sure people could sit there and say well I know this person and that person, but honestly for the most part screaming little girls.

If your a member of this site which most likely you are if your reading this, you are in all probability an Otaku. In which case you are already different than your average asshole. Liking anime, manga, video games or whatever your fandom is it makes you different from the masses. Many of you will lose this as you get older, I didn't find the otaku in me until I was 18 so it hasn't hit me. But I can already see it slipping away from some of my friends. If you lose interest in your fandom try to at least hang on to the passion you have for it, and don't give in to what other people want you to want.

Lesson 9:

Messing with people in bigger vehicles than you is a bad idea

I was driving per usual, and this guy was going really slow then really fast which I find more annoying than just going slow. I mean really just pick a damn speed! Double lane comes up I go to pass em, I take a sneak peek at em as I pass and he flips me off and speeds up! WTF?! There was another car in front of me that was turning so I was forced to slow down, then for absolutely no reason that I can see other to scare the living piss outta me the jack-hole in the truck (should of mentioned that sooner TRUCK)cuts between me and the car turning almost smashing into both of us, then cuts back away. Later on he went to turn into a store and slowed down prob to flip me off again, I didn't look at em I just flashed em the peace sign and kept on going. So I'm really myself gonna try and remember this, because I don't want to piss off some trigger happy hick next time. (no offense you're a hick)