Subs or Dubs?

The long time Debate; Subs or Dubs?
It all comes down to a few factors, really. Things like current mood, personal preference, and where you are in the series (Meaning; Shippuden or first).
Some of us might be too tired or not in the mood to read subtitles and would rather sit down and just hear the story.
Next is the factor of the voice actors and "Seiyuus".
Sometimes the English Dubbers "slaughter" a character by giving them an unfit voice. A character who should seem younger than they really are having a deep or more mature-sounding voice isn't very fitting.
The Japanese Seiyuus tend to voice a character throughout the entire series while English voice actors may stop or switch around now and then.
An important factor, however, is where the subs would be coming from. If it is a Fan-Sub the Localization or entire Translation could be incorrect depending on the "subbers" knowledge of Japanese.