Space Battleship Yamato

Farewell To Space Battleship Yamato: In The Name Of Love (Yamato's 2nd Chapter)

Theatrical Movie
Release Date
Japanese Title
Saraba Uchuu Senkan Yamato: Ai no Senchi Tachi (lit. Farewell Space Battleship Yamato: Soldiers of Love")
International Title
Arrivederci Space Cruiser Yamato: Soldiers Of Love (called simply "Arrivederci Yamato")
U.S. Titles
-Farewell To Space Battleship Yamato: In The Name Of Love (U.S. Dub VHS and U.S. Sub DVD)
-Farewell To Space Battleship Yamato (for U.S. Sub VHS)
Other Alternate Titles
-Arrivederci Space Battleship Yamato: Soldiers Of Love
Featured Songs
-"Teresa Forever" by Isao Sasaki and Feeling Free
-"The Rival" by Isao Sasaki
-"From Yamato With Love" by Kenji Sawada
Story Date
2201 A.D.
Sequel to
Space Battleship Yamato (TV Series)
Story Description
In 2201, Earth is back in its top advanced condition. But, a new threat appears in the scene, the White Comet Empire (or simply "Comet Empire"), who live on a flying space fortress known as "Gatlantis", dedicated to subjugating every other race in the universe. After receiving a message from the beautiful Teresa, whose planet Telezart is being attacked by the White Comet Empire itself, the Yamato crew reunite and they enter another voyage to help the woman in trouble, only to later learn that: 1) the Comet Empire resurrected the Gamilus Empire's ruler Dessler, who plots for revenge on the Yamato, and 2) Earth is soon to be a target of the White Comet Empire itself. Although the Yamato defeats the nemesis after most of EDF fleet gets wiped out, the ship itself and most of its crew end up getting destroyed in the process of doing so.

Space Battleship Yamato 2

26-Episode T.V. Series (later edited as a T.V. film)
Release Date for T.V. Series Cut
Release Date for T.V. Film Cut
Japanese Title
Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2 (lit. "Space Battleship Yamato 2")
International Titles
-Space Cruiser Yamato 2 (for T.V. Series Cut)
-Space Cruiser Yamato 2: The Complete Edition (for T.V. Film Cut)
U.S. Title
Star Blazers: The Comet Empire
Story Date
2201 A.D.
Other Alternate Titles
Featured Songs
-"Space Battleship Yamato" by Isao Sasaki
-"Teresa forever" by Isao Sasaki and Feeling Free
Yamato 2 (short title)
Story Date
2201 A.D.
Sequel to
Space Battleship Yamato (TV Series)
Story Description
The same story as in "Farewell To Space Battleship Yamato", but with more adventures added in and with changes to some parts of the film's story plot, including on the ending as to avoid having the Yamato destroyed and to lower the amount of main characters who died in the fight as well. "Farewell to Yamato" is no longer the canon version of the story itself.

Episode Titles for T.V. Series Cut

  • Episode 1: 2201: Yamato Returns!
  • Episode 2: The Comet Appears; Remodeling the Yamato!
  • Episode 3: Earth's Crisis Awakens Yamato!
  • Episode 4: Blast Off to The Unknown!
  • Episode 5: Open Main Guns! Target: Yamato!
  • Episode 6: Heavy Fighting! The Space Marines!
  • Episode 7: Counterattack! The Invisible Space Submarine!
  • Episode 8: Space Storm! Escape Is Impossible!
  • Episode 9: Charge! Sink Yamato!
  • Episode 10: Crisis Relief! The Roar of the Wave-Motion Gun!
  • Episode 11: Lord Dessler, The Vengeful Demon!
  • Episode 12: Will Yamato Perish In The Hollow Planetoid?
  • Episode 13: Fierce Attack! The Telezart Landing Operation!
  • Episode 14: Counterstrike! The Discovery of Teresa!
  • Episode 15: Teresa: The Beginning Of Love!
  • Episode 16: Teresa: Farewell To Love!
  • Episode 17: Telezart, Disperse Into Space!
  • Episode 18: The Decisive Battle! All Ships, Combat-Ready!
  • Episode 19: Yamato: Collision In Warp!
  • Episode 20: Yamato: A Daring Surprise Attack!
  • Episode 21: Courage: The Death of Captain Hijikata!
  • Episode 22: Yamato, Fight To The Last!
  • Episode 23: The Destined Showdown!
  • Episode 24: Life and Death Struggle! Two Brave Men!
  • Episode 25: Yamato: Strategic Invasion Of The Imperial City!
  • Episode 26: Be Forever, Yamato!