Hi Everyone,This is my life,my fiction and basically just random things


Yo eveyone,thanks for reading this.In case you all wondering why it's called Legends-C.O.A,well thats the name of the Anime/manga I want to create.The C.O.A stand for the Chronicles of Akira.And in case you wondering why i did'nt just call it Legends or just C.O.A well thats because there is'nt only one Legends,like in yugioh and yugioh gx the names are well almost the same but they are about different things even though it takes place in the same universe.Ok on to Legends-C.O.A,I guess i have to give a pretty good intro to try and capture your attention.

Akira Yagami is an orphan wo lives with his big brother,Shingo,however Shingo is killed after he enters a fighting competition by a man anmed Kramer West.Leaving Akira all alone in this world(does'nt that suck?)Anyway Akira obviously mad wants revenge and begins training to become a fighter.When he turns 16 he finally gets his chance at revenge when he enters the fighting world tournament and finally gets his chance at his revenge when he gets to fight Kramer,who has now be come the Fighting cahmpion of the world.The two lock horns,and in a totally awesome and brilliant way,which i will leave to your imagination,Akira wins,but does'nt kill(yes killing is wring)

And he becomes the youngest World Fighting Champion ever...And thus concludes Chapter 1 or Episode one depending on if this was a manga or anime.Oh and the name of the chapter/episode is "The Rise and Fall part1".yes which means theres a part 2...thank you for reading this.Oh and on a side note if you really like Greek Mythology then this Anime/manga that doesn't really exist except for in my head is for.