So, I would like to welcome you to the TUB!!
Where I tell you about my useless life and occasionally complain about things...

If you have requests for artwork, hit me up.

If you want to tell me you think I suck, go die in a hole.

tee hee



damn I thought he'd win for sure.

I knew I was going to vote him all the way through XD

So, really I'm posting to say that I'm going to dye my hair again, XD and all that boringness about my own life...
This is kinda more of a blog thing for me, and I'm not too caught up with the anime world anyways so... sorry for talking about myself so much on here XD

but it was a lovely day for posting drawings whilst listening to Yoko Kanno's piano bar, and I would like to thank everyone who actually reads this, and my subscribers, and everyone posting contest entries on my newest fanart contest, Final Fantasify yourself :D

And yeah...

Have a good night everybody!!

My latest challenge :D

>>> is about FF of course, you should probably check it out if you're a final fantasy fan :D


So that's pretty much the most recent development in my life XD
I'm home from college for the summer, and will most likely have lots of drawings up between now and august... hopefully...
So please keep an eye out for my work, and I'll be checking this site for everyone else's awesome pictures as often as I can, what with work and all DX

please keep cheering me on!!

-leah out-

hooray for christmas!!

Yay!! home from college and luving being here.

Some of my best presents this year were:
5. lots of candy and POCKY!!!! :D
4. fudge from my grandma (dad's side)
3. striped "matt from death note" shirt :D hooray guess who i'll cosplay next XD
2. NEW AWESOME MP3 PLAYER though it's battery life leaves something to be desired...
1. Luv and We miss yous from both here and there

So what was your top 5 things of this christmas?

-leah out


how's it going guys? (assuming people actually read my posts...)

I'm cosplaying for halloween again, and i thought it might be nice to be Grelle

what do you think? I almost always cosplay dudes, I'm short but don't have too much boob so it balances out sort of... *sigh...

well just wanted to ask, what are you being for halloween? and seriously message me if you read and have an anwser to the question, i really care and want to know. I'll probably even message you back, sooo....

Have a lovely evening, or day, or whenever you read this the rest of the time remaining in that day... :D

bye bye booo!!!

The best story ever told through music

It seriously is though.

If you haven't checked out Coheed & Cambria before, you ought to do it now!

Oh, and if you have heard them, I plan on involving them somehow in my next fanart contest!!!! YAY!!!

So look for it, or look them up on youtube...

A good list of my favorite Co&Ca songs
Blood Red Summer
Time Consumer
God Send Conspiritor
Everything Evil
Here We Are Juggernaut
[everything else they've ever made]