Hello, Cat-chan here.

As I may or may not have mentioned before, I am a part of the Edward Addicts Anonymous Club Twilight Book Club at my High School. I've read the 1st book, Twilight, twice, and have finished the series once through. Don't panic! I won't spoil anything. I'm just gonna give my opinion on the new movie that came out a few days ago...

Being part of the club, meaning that I got special perks with the book geeks, I got the special privilege to go to the movie the first day of its opening. I, with my fellow Otakuite, NejiChicka08, raced to get our popcorn and be the first ones into the theater for this once-in-a-lifetime event. She beat me to the door, ultimately and mercilessly destroying my bragging rights. She won't get off easy for that, mark my words. YOU HEAR ME, CHEY-CHAN?!!! Anyways, we sat there for a few minutes chatting and then I managed to spill her drink making us go buy another. We arrived just in time for the lights to dim and we giggled excitedly at the thought of Edward Cullen speaking, moving, and romancing Bella (we didn't mind, he's still good to look at ) before our own eyes!

It started off just like the book, with minor changes except for the foreshadowing of Laurent, James, and Victoria's arrival. Bella's actress was a relatively attractive girl a little older than me, and Edward, well, was Edward. Trim figure, smooth voice, and all the air of mystery a vampire can muster. Things progressed fluidly, with very little changes, much to our relief. After Bella's near death experience with Tyler's van and her first suspecions about Edward's true identity, Carlise Cullen (Edward's adoptive father and vampire docter) was introduced. He made one heck of an entrance, at least to us. He pushed open both doors, starched white surgen's garb blillowing behind him. His slim figure, blond hair, and confidence made every single person in the theater gasp with astonishment. Words cannot simply describe the physical beauty of the man! He easily became a fan favorite. When Bella recovered, things started to pick up pace! She questions him and he dodges. However, he finds himself more and more compelled to never be separated from her. He gradually realized that: First, Bella was human. Second, there was a part of him that thirsted for her blood, and he knew all too well how powerful that part might be. And Third, he was uttererly, irrivocably in love with her...Well, you know the story I hope.

The scenery was flawless! Green trees and lush environment, rain, rain, rain, and did I mention rain? The Cullens' house was absolutely stunning. About 3-4 stories tall with full-sized windows replacing the walls! Of course the residents were what I was really interested in. There was Emmett, looking just as muscular and pleasantly obnoxious as I imagined him to be. Rosalie, the psyco barbie with the epitome of a hourglass figure. Heels, attitude, and all. And then there was Alice and Jasper. Rarely seen without the other, they were a cute couple. Alice was just as graceful, perky, and lithe as her story counterpart. Jasper, however, was a teeny be awkward in contrast to his mellow story version. This Jasper looked like he was sufferering from scytzofrentic paranoia. His hair unkempt, eyes wide like a deer in the headlights, and sharp body stance, always standing next to Alice. Esme was just so motherly. It was hard not to smile when you saw her smiling welcoming face! The movie directors did a fantastic job of staying true to the book as possible! We knew when there was a change, oh we knew...

Moving on, The special effects were amazing with all of the fast-paced, vampiric fighting, and the split-second action of the plot. You rarely had your eyes glued on a single object at any moment! As the movie reached it's end, I did, however, couldn't help but feel a tad miffed at the minor, but noticable flaws that were all but missed in the movie. First was Charlie(Bella's father)'s attitue. At first, I had no problem with his aloof, non-hovering nature. That stayed in sync with the book. As the story progressed, I felt a genuine disatisfaction with his actor's portrayal at the concerned father. He spent most of his time either investigating the murders caused by Laurent, Victoria, and James, Watched sports on TV, or drank beer. My gosh, that man when through more booze than a fraternity! His monotone voice to Bella's fake breakup with Edward made me frown. Too much of his talent was wasted being indifferent and awkwardly too neutral to his daughter's life. Then was Edward's single, but still noticably shocking, rage when he fought James. He gained the upper hand in the latter part of his battle, pinned James to the wall, strangled and beat him to a pulp, and then bit off a chunk of his friggin' neck! I can understand the pent-up rage of James nearly killing Bella, but chomping a piece of flesh? That just seemed a bit out of character for me. Other than those two things, every part of the movie was awesomely terrific. I'm not too much of a picky critic.

The plot, the captivating imagery, and for the most part accurate character portrayals, this was the best movie I've seen in a long, LONG time! Whether your a fan of the series or a newbie, I recommend seeing Twilight. I'm sure I smell and Academy Award just sitting around the corner...! Truly worth the wait.

Cat's Rating: 4.5 sparkling vampires out of 5