Breaking and Entering: Inside the Black Order

Hi! Yay! Finally a D. Gray-man fanfic! :D More will come soon. Hope you like it~!

Disclaimer: I own nothing but myself. D. Gray-Man title and characters belong to Katsura Hoshino; and the mentioned exorcist belongs to Magnus Lensherr.


Lightning struck just a few meters right from the trembling, exhausted human. Scurrying to the edge of a foothold, she gasped rapidly knowing that if she were to survive in the Order, she had to at least survive climbing a really, really tall cliff. In the middle of a really, really blustery storm.

“Kuso. This is the last time I take directions from that woman with the bizarre spiders!” Spiders… She shivered as the memory of the hungry-looking, gargantuan arachnids rushed back into her mind. “I hate spiders.” This was Cat-chan, usually known as lazyweird1. And, yes, this was just her typical day. Get lost a couple of times, avoid death by freakish critters, and start to feel the symptoms of starvation just a few hours after her latest meager meal. One might wonder why a small and undoubtedly clumsy young woman such as herself would be doing scaling a mountain in the middle of the night. Then again, with her twisted persona, few would really like to know.

Rummaging through her trusty over-stuffed knapsack, Cat-chan pulled out a pair of swimming goggles. She had no intention of swimming, by all means, no! However, as a master of cheap, dollar store survival gear, that should be no problem. Snapping the goggles over her eyes, Cat-chan’s visibility cleared up excellently from the previous rain-drenched haze. Slinging the backpack over her shoulders, she glared at the cliff as it loomed ominously overhead. “Taunt me, will you?” She grasped the corner of a ledge and crouched to get a good toehold. “Ha! I’m going to the order! Permission or not!” Her determination was fueled when the lightning and hurricane-like winds picked up at that same time. “Stupid Order. Stupid, God-forsaken cliff!” Only a little bit further and she would be there! Clambering up the rocks, she ventured forward.

Gasp! Wheeze! Hack!

The battered teen collapsed onto the dirt. Normally she would have cheered and rejoiced at having conquered the mountain, but just climbing it had taken it’s toll. Wiping the sweat from her forehead, the girl stumbled to her feet and walked forward. “Gosh, they weren’t kidding,” she gulped with a hint of anxiety. “This place is creepy!” The full view of the shadowy fortress that was the Black Order fell into view. Strangely enough, the lightning flickered occasionally, but the air was still heavy with an eerie, electric current.

“It’s just my imagination! It’s just my imagination!” Cat-chan chuckled nervously to no one in particular as she crawled behind several boulders, hiding from the numerous, bat-like golems that fluttered around the castle’s perimeter. It only took one sighting for her to be thrown off the cliff. She sniffled and whimpered as she tried to block the image of her plummeting hundreds of feet to the ground below. “Not. Going. Too. Happen!” Always the prepared, little devil, she brought out a rain poncho that had hastily clumped shrubbery sewn on it. “Hehehe. Flawless!” Cat creeped slowly under the camouflage and halted whenever a golem flew by. So far so good!

Cat-chan picked a pair of tiny binoculars from her back pocket and squinted through the lenses. She focused on a particular part of the wall that the female exorcist she met in the last town had mentioned. “Look. You can’t miss it! It’s a giant face in the wall that whines a lot. Just be sure not to touch him. He hates that!” The merry face of the woman flashed back and forth between Cat’s memories. “Where have I gotten the feeling that I’ve seen her before?” Cat closed her eyes and frowned. “Well if this is the Order, she’ll show up in no time!” Resuming her sluggish pace, the ecstatic girl made her way to the corner of the wall.

Her eyes blinked, unsure of what lay just ahead of her. The exorcist wasn’t lying! Right in front of her was a giant face…thing that was having one righteous sneezing fit, complaining about the rain and how it was going to “give the Head Officer a piece of his mind!” Cat shook her head and slumped against the wall.

“Well now? He doesn’t look like a right sunny fellow, now does he?” Cat grumbled in an irritated tone. She rubbed her hands together and sighed. “And the weather isn’t going to let up any time soon, either. Just plain peachy!” The teenager sighed and glowered at the clouds, too lost in thought to do anything else. “ I’ll just rest for a minute and think of ‘Entrance: Plan B’.”

With that, she let the veil of sleep drift into her consciousness and was soon slumbering peacefully.