Welcome, I spend allot of time on Youtube, and I find some really good AMV's, VGMV's, ect...So I have decided to make a world for them, my posting shall be rather, eh random as you never know when I might run across something to post lol...if any of you have any well done MV's go ahead and throw them my way, if I like it I'll throw it up on the world and give you credit for finding it...I will say though at the moment I'm only doing ones from Youtube. Anyway, let the madness begin lol.

Empty Motion

This is one of the more interesting ones I've seen, in any event hope you enjoy it.

Anime: Allot of different ones.
Song:Love Gun-Aya Hirano


And so it begins, I enjoy this one for some reason, not quite sure why, in any event enjoy lol.

Anime: Cowboy Bebop
Song: Stress-Jim's Big Ego