oh thank anime you came. . . you happen to know the way outta here? i came in chaseing my pet invisable giant miget that is also a dog. . . ok its a kitten but still thats not the point witch way out (o.o)> that way? <(o.o) that way? ima run this way and if i find home ima eat some ramen bye-bye


Hello all you beautiful buttholes!!!! (Don't take that offensively butthole is a funny word roll with it will ya;?) Long time no see sashiburi ja be!? Or is it Dane? I dont know but I do care. How are you all? How's tricks?! What's new?! Lots is new in my life so perhaps I shall start this mcBlog up again for not only ahits and giggles but also . . . is there an alt version of shits and giggles? Like there if for the instrument you jam out with? . . . fill me in, just keep it g rated with the filling in but r rated responses are accepted.