oh thank anime you came. . . you happen to know the way outta here? i came in chaseing my pet invisable giant miget that is also a dog. . . ok its a kitten but still thats not the point witch way out (o.o)> that way? <(o.o) that way? ima run this way and if i find home ima eat some ramen bye-bye

hummm wacky adventures i have told whilst messageing ppls :P

awesome i did that to, tell him i said hey hey hey, oh yea i wen;t out and bought some long candles and CHOPPED em in half with my wakazashi BBBWWWWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA im so smart

:pink_fluffy_ugeboots:Anyways what cha doin?
huo:stareing at the cobord thinking whatwould happen if i shinigami chopped it
:pink_fluffy_ugeboots:haha nice
huo:DAMN IT! were running low on sweet chilli sauce
huo: ima make a sandwitch you want one?
:pink_fluffy_ugeboots:OH YEA! lol nah im full
huo:*beats the fridge
:pink_fluffy_ugeboots: awww what?
huo:sorry, it wasn't the fridges fault, it was the cobords fault it was hideing the mayo

to be continued...

right side of world wall but when huo made it small it got distorted

Ryuzaki Son Of Joker

Ryuzaki Son Of JokerCENTER]

The story of Ryuzaki's childhood is not one of fun,love and happy family memories, it is one of revenge, hatred, mourning. as soon as the boy was able to understand language and the concept of death Joker told the biy that his mother was dead and that he (joker) was responsable and if he ever wanted to avenge his mother he would have to train become strong and joker would provid the training he needed. joker trained ryu (ryuzaki) how to handle a blade, conjour beasts like Hel's brothers Fenrir and Midgard-serpent and how to manipulate the four elements, the boy was a quick learner but, dispite the speed of his growing abilitys they just never seemed to get him anywere. no mater what the boy was tought every lesson the boy was beaten by his father and when he slept his father would manipulate his dreams sometimes watching his mother be killed by his father whilst he tried and tried to get to his mother intime he would never make it in time his body felt like it weighed a ton and the dream would always end with his fathers demonic smile covered in his mothers blood. if Joker wasn't happy with the boys training session he would starve him and make him go without water, this would force the boys body to rasion all its daily intake so the boy could soon go day-weeks without food or drinks. the dreams and starvation made ryu want his revenge more and more each day that went by, ryu thought the more he knew the less he had to learn, the boy knew withevery training sessions end would draw closer the day of his fathers dimise. many times the boy thought he was ready to claim his revenge but everytime his father would seemingly enough be light years ahead. his father was to strong, too experinced in battle trying to beat him with brute streangh was impossable, he knew the only way to beat him was to outsmart him. So the boy studied him the way he swung a sword, how he conjored how he moved all of this information would slowly but surly help ryu in his seemingly unending quest to avenge his mother. but everytime he thought he had worked out his fathers technique it would suddenly change and ryu would fall right into his fathers attack. He knew there was no way to learn his fathers technique he would have to learn how to think like him, he soon realised that his father had the power to read minds, this would prove a difficlt obsicle to evercome. so ryu trained himself to combind his technique with his instincts, ryu soon mastered this then went even further than he had intended to do, he would close his eyes and he would appear outside of his body this gave him a 360 degree veiw of his own body now he could read his opponents moves as if reading a book of his life reading future, destiny if you will, and with this skill he challanged his father the fight lasted for over an hour but ryu comeout on top cutting his fathers head of. . . or so he thought. the body of ryu thought was his fathers was nuthing more than a conjored beast, Joker walked out from behind a pillar with wife (Hel) in his arms. hel congradulated the boy on his victory, "ryuzaki, this is your mother" said joker. ryu speachless was confused and didn't know what to think, this? this mother? the reason i fought, trained, bleed for was alive this whole time? impossable! Hel explained the truth about it all hatred and revenge are great motivaters, and look just how far you have come, gods have tryed to stand against your father they have once and because he's getting old they will again. she then told him about the great war she and his father were in and about the new and improved one that is comeing for your father. and that he would stop then. why would iprotect him? he told me you were dead, placed dreams of your death" its not about him anymore he is nolonger God Of Gods, they come for the god of gods and since that is no longer him. . . live up to your name son make us proud. his mother handed him scrolls with ancient techniques from the yama-kasumi an old clan from witch it was said gods were born the four scrolls were from his ancesters crisp, black star, demon and ryuzaki of the legendary four."ryuzaki?" your great great grandfather. the boy studied the scrolls there were many riddles that took him years to work out, there was but one scroll he didn't finish but he could sence it before his mother even did, an army aproched a far greater force than his father fought and far more than the expected number it seemed that man was also prepareing for this battle. ryuzaki steped outside of his castle katana on his back red cloak and a mask


joker god of gods

Joker God Of Gods

joker-sempai came into power by marrying Hel daughter of Loki, joker knowing he was stronger than the "so called gods!" began challanging only the most formatable gods such as thor, Heimdall and even the mighty odin. not killing but making them knel at his feet and admit defeat, shortyly after Loki was being made a mocory by the other gods, he was not going to stand for it anymore, but knowing that he could not stand agains Joker himself he summoned a 100,000,000 mythical beasts and also asked the gods whome joker had defeated to put a stop to joker's seemingly unstoppable rule. the time was almost apon him, although he was not going into war himself, along side him was hel prepeared to stand by her husband to the end would also walk down this dark and unknown road. There he stood with wife hel stairing at the greatest army ever assembled. Stairing back was great mythical beasts,gods and also man. The army charged! and he began walking towards it. CLASH! loud bangs from mans weponary yelps and deep tomented screams of death were all one coiuld here, joker seemed to walk right through the army, any enemys he would kill hel would resorect them to fight with the one they cam to destroy. every step joker took he would get closter to the gods who were overwatching the battle ever step their army would perish and once again stand to fight. so the army of man and beast was nomore but an army of the fallen demonic soliders and zombielike beasts. he once again faced the gods, but feeling wornout he once again simply asked them to kneel at his feet and admit defeat, he told them if they ever decided to do something as foolish they had better do it right cause next time he would not be as mercyful."just because man considers you gods does not make this a fact, to me you are but monkeys liveing in a world ruled by a lion. . . people see you as big and even scary,but if they were to see you now you would look like nuthing more than a bunch of wet kittens" joker walked away and the gods stayed on there knees untill joker was far out of sight, soaking up all he had said. they asked themselves what what is he, what god could stand against an army of man beast and god they turn the army agains us? he is beond us he is the god of gods. we are powerless agains him we can do nuthing but stand by and watch him do as he pleases. but joker has one flor, unlike the other gods joker aged although joker would soon grow old so he saw the need to have a child to carry on his legacy. he would call the child ryuzaki, day by day joker got older and the other gods began to notic, the figured we shall let him grow older and older then there will only be hel to worry about. . . they would be sorly mistaken the boy has all the gods powers and none of there weaknesses the boy was trained and now he was ready to fight the gods would not fight this battle now after many years they have been training there conjoring skills and would lay in wait in there impenitrable castle witch they built incase joker had changed his mind about letting them live. the boy now faced an army lager than the one his father faced, this battle would either make or break his and his fathers reputation.


don't hack ppls

well once apon a time i got bored so i learnt how to hack flash games such as dragon fable adventure quest bow master prelude ect. the i tryed to hack ulitmate tactics it worked... to well i was on lvl 1 for almost an hour and a half lvling up the point of my story don't hack its a waste of time well if your ganna hack don't go overbored be