oh thank anime you came. . . you happen to know the way outta here? i came in chaseing my pet invisable giant miget that is also a dog. . . ok its a kitten but still thats not the point witch way out (o.o)> that way? <(o.o) that way? ima run this way and if i find home ima eat some ramen bye-bye


OM FREAKING G i finally found where dreaft and sketchs are it was itching me for years... well not really i wasn't even looking for it i kinda stummbled appon it but god im glad i did and now back to my evil plan of ... STEALING MY NABOURS COOKIES HAHAHAHAH

ramen for lunch?

today huo (thats me, thank you, thank you, thank you thank you so toda thank you...) so today i tryed to make ramen for lunch (NOTE: keyword in that sentence TRYED) i can't boil eggs... but for dinner i made a wrap 2x sweet chilly chicken strips, alfalfa, cheese lettece and sweet chiili and mayo sauce mmmm mmmm mmmm tastes so good make ya wanna have seconds AND TO DRINK!!! nuthing specail ummm i do belive it was orange pine and lime cordial *nods*

malanda falls

MALANDA FALLS!!!!! were i swim almost everyday

NOTE!: i don't know these people i stole this pic from internet im sure it doesn't mind

try aqw

if any one would like to play aqw but don't wanna make a profile, one of my other three chars (i dont use them an aweful lot) first is username:a_servent_of_the_gods password: otaku
username:tsubaki yahnjia password:otaku
username:shimpatchi password:otaku
none of the accounts are activated soz but they are for you to get a feel of the game and if you like make and upgrade your own char

WARing on Adventure Quest Worlds

i have been waring trying to help unlock the chaos lord so i could kick his ass
and tonight i pawned 23 tsukumo-gami 9 ninja nopperabo 9 funa-yurei 18 samurai napperabo 9 tanuki 6 skello kittys and 2 i wasn't paying attention and i didn't see what i pawned so i couldn't tally it . . . all in all i got 70 defender medals and 16 MEGA defender medals. oh and today i also discovered that im still i can micky flip of the malanda falls micky flip is a forwards backflip it has many diff names micky, rolling black out... and there the only two i know of hahaha >:)