Tsubasa World Chronicle Ch.2

Hey all you Tsubasa fans out there! This isn't exactly breaking news anymore, but I still have to update on it! Clamp Now provided a link to Jade See's blog where she posted her own translation of the chapter based on Chinese scans. Check it out! She provides a link to the scans too- a must see!


So, finally they mentioned Sakura again XD Briefly remembering her in the presence of cherry blossoms.... My favorite moments are when Syaoran dreams of the other Syaoran (though it is kind of creepy since the guy just stands still and lifeless) and when Mokona puts flowers on Kurogane's head and Fai calls it "cute." KuroFai moment, anyone?

I don't think the dream Syaoran had was meaningless, although that would be a Clamp twist. "He's just dreaming that Syaoran is still alive inside him." Well, he seems set on finding a way to separate Syaoran from him and give him life again. Didn't that scene remind you of the first scene in Tsubasa where Sakura and Syaoran are separated by glass? It makes me think about how that scene may have been more symbolic of Syaoran's inability to reach Sakura through their shared memories than a literal depiction of the real versions trapped in time (Mostly because there is that part where Sakura seems to be falling further away from him, which didn't happen to c!Syaoran's mother in the glass tube....)

Well, what is in store for our heroes? We probably need to get deeper in this story arc before that can be determined, but no one has lost sight of the goal.