Naruto Chapter 469

Show of hands... how many of you are NaruHina fans?

How many of you nearly went into rage induced heart attacks come Naruto, Chapter 469?

The pink haired bitch must die.

Sharpen your pitch forks and keep your torches doused in oil.

We may soon march on Tokyo.


As you all know from one of my previous posts, Kishimoto has basically forgotten the little, tiny bit of NaruHina development we had- it went something along the lines of HINATA CONFESSING HER FOOKING FEELING TO NARUTO AND NEARLY DYING FOR HIM!!!!!.

Thus, I present the following rant.

WARNING: This rant is not suitable for overtly religious zealots who believe just speaking God's name will damn you to hell to get butt-raped by horny demons for all eternity.

And without further ado...

Why in the name of unholy Lucifer, holy baby Jesus Christ, storm driven Susanoo, firey Amaterasu, unearthly Tsukiyomi and every bijuu from lowly Ichibi no Shukaku to apocalyptic Kyuubi no Kitsune hasn't that blundering, imbecilic, absolutely naive baboon Uzumaki Naruto confronted Hinata yet!? By the names of every God, Demon, Angel and Devil from the unholy frozen waste of the Fourth Round of Hell's Ninth Circle, Judecca, to the Seventh Terrace of Prugatory, to Eden, even to the holyest Ninth Sphere of Heaven, Primum Mobile, if a girl gets stabbed defending me, if that girl proclaims her love for me and fights what is clearly a losing battle for the sake of defending me, the once, twice, nay, THRICE God damned thing I would do as soon as the smoke cleared, the moment the enemy was a corpse, the absolute SECOND I knew she was still alive, is go up to her and ask WHY!!!!!!!!!!! Confront her, you thrice damned spawn of a Hokage!!!!!!!


"(This is an automatic message, do not reply.)

We are sorry...The fan work you submitted, with the title: , has been declined for publication...please keep practicing and stay positive!

Staff Comments: First off: It's practically identical to your previous card. Secondly: lose the attitude since people don't need a rant about you beating them to death if they don't like your card."

... I remember the old days when there wasn't a lot of interaction between staff and users. That said...



Never. Two syllables. Five characters. Two vowels and three consonants. Roughly, to be without any possibility of occuring over even the longest of time frames.

A small, simple word.

And yet, it has the capacity to damn entire nations.


... Happy as I am with that development...

Why the fuck haven't we gotten any closure on this development!?!?

We have waited nearly 10 years, Kishimoto-san.

We will not wait much longer.