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Xiaolin Showdown Review

It's been ages since I've posted in here.

Today I am giving a short review on one of my favorite shows as a kid, Xiaolin Showdown.

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Summary: Long ago, Grandmaster Dashi and Heylin witch Wuya fought a long, hard battle. Dashi, with the use of shen gong wu, objects that give the user mystical powers, that he had created, was able to defeat Wuya and place her spirit inside a puzzle box. He then hid these shen gong wu, never to be found for many years to come.

Now, 1500 years later, the shen gong wu are becoming active once more, and Wuya has reawoken in the form of a spirit. Four monks, Omi, Kimiko, Raiumundo, and Clay must all fight Wuya and her new parter, "Evil Boy Genious" Jack Spicer in order to save the world from danger.

The show starts off simple, which works well enough. The jokes are funny, the action is decently cool, and the characters are fun. The first season completes itself with a pretty decently dramatic season finale, and that is that.

In the second season, things get a little more intense, which is fine. There is some good character development, there is an introduction of a new antagonist, which brings some well-written seriousness to most of it. It soon creates a new high...

However, it starts to take a dive during the season finale of the second season. This only worsens in the third season, with the introduction of another, poorly-designed new antagonist. The rest of the show feels lacking and somewhat sloppy, shoving old, better characters aside for this new one. It ultimately ends with a rushed, lazy finale.

In the end, Xiaolin Showdown has a lot of fun moments and fun characters. However, some of the playfulness is placed aside for a seriousness that at first works, but ultimately failed. The first two seasons are worth watching, but don't expect much from it's third.


As for the question as to whether I'm going to watch Xiaolin Chronicles... maybe. If I get desperate enough.

9 Review

Summary: A living doll thingy wakes up one day to a ruined, post apocalyptic world. He soon learns three things: 1. There are other dolls like him 2. They are the only living beings on this planet, and 3. They are being hunted by a sinister robot creature.

The plotto this movie is decent, and has good pacing, however, there are questions that never get answered and because of that some people may not be satisfied with the ending.

Some of the characters are really good, and a couple of them have great development, but there are some that are so stereotypical that it's painful to watch. Now, they have a good reason for the stereotypes to an extent, but when placed next to the other characters... There's really no excuse.

The real treat of this movie, though, iss the animation. The designs of everything are so original and creepy that it glues you to seat for at least one go-through of the movie. Everything from the creature designs to the setting designs are memorable and work excellently.


The Road to El Dorado Review

Time to actually get some reviews up on here!

I might as well begin with one of my favorite childhood movies, the Road to El Dorado.

Summary: Miguel and Tulio have been best friends for as long as they can remember. When they win a map to the golden city of El Dorado (using loaded dice), and "convieniently" get taken to the new world, the decide to go search for the city! (Hint: They actually do find the city really early in the movie)

Why do I love the Road to El Dorado? Hrmm...

The animation at times is beautiful, sporting a colorfull pallete when it needs to, but still not shying away from the darker shades.

The music (done by Elton John) is really good. Granted, it's still pop/rock music in a kid's movie... but it was done really well. In my opinion, whenever it is played, it always adds to the movie and never subtracts. And yes, I do still listen to it even when I'm not watching the movie.

The characters are realistic, and Miguel and Tulio actually end up acting as great foils for each other. Also, there's great subtlety in the dialogue that I didn't quite notice as a kid; quite clever.

In the end, I'd give the Road to El Dorade 8.5/10.

Thoughts on Total Drama All-Stars

Ahh! Woo! Total Drama! :F

Okay, I won't be suprised if I'm actually the only one who watches Total Drama on here, but that won't stop from me to talk about what's been goin' on so far. (PS spoilers... duh)

First off, Sierra going crazy to the point where any living male pretty much becomes either Cody to her. Mwaha! I mean, she was annoying when Cody was there, and she could become VERY annoying at this point, but as long as they keep her as a more side gag for now, I think this is actually pretty awesome.

ScottXCourtney? Who would've thought? Granted I couldn't stand Scott in TDRotI, but so far he's actually pretty cool. I'm starting to ship those two =.=

Duncan? Wha'd they do to you? D: Being all "I'm dating Gwen, but I'm still fighting for Courtney's attention" Not cool, man... not cool. Add in the fact that he's actually becoming nice... Duncan just doesn't hold the appeal he had in past seasons.

Heather just got the boot, which begs the question of how the heck would they still try and push AlejandroXHeather, and what purpose does Alejandro serve now. I hope he doesn't just become all mopey... Sierra's already doing enough of that.

And, of course, the biggest thing going on in TDAS (at least for me)... MAL. Holy freakin' crap. This dude. Is evil. Not to mention he just seemed to come of no where. Going into this season... well, you could have predicted him, but you probably didn't. You know, I think that's part of why they softened Duncan and Scott up is to just make Mal seem more evil. And so far, Mal hasn't been anything but evil. His existence makes Mike's personality has a whole seem not just a whole lot deeper, but a whole lot darker. A whole lot darker. You know, I didn't really like Mal at first, but when he started whistling "Hall of the Mountain King", I flipped my lid. I love that song. And it fits him so well. I mean, listen to the beginning of this song and tell me you aren't just sitting there thinking of Mal running juvie. That's right. Ya can't! It also makes it so much easier to write fanfic regarding Mike. In fact, I might actually do it. For the little to none who actually read this article, should I? It would be so much fun~

How This Works...


I will do reviews on various media on here, namely movies, comics, and cartoons (maybe some video games later on). I had intended for this world to be less formal than my anime world, so there will be no grading scale incorporated, I will simply state my opinion.

The only rules regarding what I can and can't review is that for movies, I have to have seen them, for comics, I have to have read them, and for cartoons, I have to have seen a fair amount (if not all) of each season (which means I will be reviewing few cartoons ^^' eheh).

Character Capture

Every so often I will do a "Character Capture", in which I will feature I character I enjoy greatly. There are no limits to how many characters I can do from one source, however, I will try to incorporate a variety as to not become repetitive or monotonous.

Requests for Character Captures are open, although if I really do it or not depends on whether I know the character and how much I actually want to feature them.

What is Anime, What is Not?

Anything with an anime style will be counted as anime (same with manga), and hence will not be reviewed on here, no matter the country of origin. This includes shows such as Avatar: The Last Airbender and RWBY. The only exception is Teen Titans, because of how borderline it is.

Also, any adaptation of an anime (i.e. live-action Death Note movie) will be reviewed on my anime blog, not here.


Other things, such as Top 10's and First Impressions will be posted here, too, as well as any exciting news I may have regarding the forms of media I have previously mentioned.