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This is a personal blog, where I'll post... well, what I want.

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Icons for Soulanime14

Sorry they're so late orz

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Oh, Guys

I should probably mention this before I forget and leave you guys out together.

I started myself a new anime blog here. That being said, I'm not abandoning you guys, I'll still lurk and make the occasional post/wallpaper. I just probably will post anime-related stuff on Kaleidoscope Anime rather than here.

SS Wishlist

Fan Art

Viktuuri (Yuri!!! on Ice)
Any of the Nordics, esp. in a group shot (Hetalia)
Any landscape piece (bonus if you include Ginko from Mushishi)
Shizuo and Izaya (Durarara!!)
Sunohara (Clannad/After Story)
Yukimura (AoharuXKikanjuu)


Anything from Yuri!!! on Ice
Anything from Amnesia (the anime/visual novel, not horror game)
Any of the Nordics, esp. as a group (Hetalia)
Rider (Fate/Zero)
Zankyou no Terror


(Pick two or three characters from the following:)

Victor, either of the Yuri's, or Phichit (Yuri!!! on Ice)
Ukyo (Amnesia)
Sweden, Norway, Denmark (Hetalia)
Togami, Komaeda (Danganronpa)

Wallpaper SS?

Is someone already hosting the Wallpaper Secret Santa and I'm just missing it? And if not, shall I host it?

Heads Up

I'm about to post something that's a little out of the blue, so for those who are confused, it's for a school project. Don't worry.

Referring to this.

So basically just ignore it. Or you can read it if you want. I don't care.