Hi!! Well some of you may know me as Kyo Krazy from MyOtaku and some of you may not! and if you didn't...well now you do xD
You can come on over and take a gander I suppose. just don't touch the merchandise. *YOU!*

haha but really I just love people so come and talk to me yo!! xD
*and if you ever need pictures of ANYTHING I can probably find it so come talk to me *ha*ha**

And my current obsessions are Gackt and Miyavi. Mostly Miyavi xD *though I still have a vast collection of Gackt as well*
So just talk to me! I'm totally open to anything you have to throw at me!! and old friends...COME FINDE ME!! TTATT

and new friends...COME FINDE ME!! *haw*haw*
Have fun here!! *as if you could avoid it xD*

Well then

Ok haha Driffter said I should get on here again, though it still kind of confuses me haha oh well!! We'll see how it goes, but I think I'll be getting on here a lot more!


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Well hello children!!!

Hello there all!!! I'm finally posting here!!! haha isn't it just fun xD
I'm here to tell you all that me and my close AWESOME friends, Silove, Tesshi, Mijitsu, Duvessa, Naxir and Tiggerola are going to be going to an awesome anime convention (well not as awesome as some but beggars can't be choosers xD) so yea, if you live in Utah you should tell me if you don't know about it!!!

DO IT!! 8D


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Oh Miyavi xD

So here I am to tell you that I must post this picture!! I love Miyavi, he's so awesome!!! xD

Well I have to tell you

Ok so I have to tell you guys that I probably won't be 'post' updating on here much, that's for my MyO site so for all of you that are still on there....yea that's where I'm gonna be. I come on here for the PMs

So yea, anyways, cya guys!!~KK


Hello all :D I'm here on version vibrant and it is, indeed, vibrant. and hard to figure out D8 I want my beautiful Miyavi lips to show TTATT Shishou, my love can you halp me?

Anyways, just dropping by to let you all know that I love you and telling you to message me ALL THE TIME xD


P.s~*Does HTML work in these new post thingys? We're gonna find out

*crosses fingers* work work work

No. HTML evidently doesn't work TT^TT