For those of you who read my world "^^; There was this bandgeek..." this world is where i have my friends come out and post with me!

Hello and Goodbyes...AAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Kyarri: USAGI CHAN!!!!!!!! ~runs and glomps~

Neji:...yeah she didn't miss you one bit.

CCR: ^^; not like I won't face this sixfold when Rae's family comes back...

Ren: and yet not too long from now -

Goku: oh yeah! Kyarri's going to Germany soon, isn't she?

Liet: huh... awful soon after the reunion, don't you think?

CCR: ... ;A;

Ren: you just had to bring that up, didn't you?

Liet: wha?

Ren: she's overcome her fear of flying on planes herself... now it's more concern for friends/loved ones traveling by plane. Especially over the Atlantic.

CCR: .////. wha! It's not my fault! Blame the Air France incident, that one time a little while ago with the pilot dying mid-flight, and that Yemeni -

Ren: we get it, we get it. Remember what your grandparents said: thousands take off in a day, and out of at least a dozen daily car crashes, very seldom do you hear about plane crashes.

Kyarri: '.' um...yeah. And to add to that, women and children first.

Sanzo: rolls eyes~ besides, this is her third time going. I doubt she would die from a crash.

Ludwig (Germany): you guys are making it sound bad that she is coming to visit me.

Neji Sanzo Kanda: glares~ shut up noobie.

Kyarri: ^^' I'll be fine either way Usagi chan.

Ivan (Russia): so, anytime soon either of you will become one with me visit me?

Kyarri: @[email protected] ~crosses arms over her robustness~ So waren SIE das verdrehte flaumige weiße Häschen! Deutchland! Ich fühle mich so verletzt! *Translation: So So YOU were the perverted fluffy white bunny! Germany! I feel so violated!*

Usagi: o.O; sadly I don't think Europe is gonna happen on my end anytime soon - Nana doesn't want to leave my brother out and she thinks all he would enjoy is a cruise to Hawaii.

Ivan: oh, that's too bad. ^^

Liet: *shudders* Kyarri-san, don't go much further I beg of you!

Kyarri: ^^ Ivan, I would like you to meet my father, a US Military soldier, ex-prison guard, ex-sniper, and a marksman shooter (means he doesn't miss). You should have see what he did to his last victim.

Feliciano (Italy): ve~

Usagi: o.O;

Feli: Tawni was out of pasta... and I heard Germany was here!

Ludwig: -_- yes I am.

????: Nii-chan...

Ivan: O__O; *hides in the closet*

Envy: smirk~ oh come on back Ivan! I thought we were having so much fun!

Kyarri; kyuu. we gots to go. Riku chan is kidnapping us! ^^ maybe we'll write more later.

Return of Aims Week

Kyarri: Whoo! Pervert is gone! We are saved finally!

Neji: thank goodness. He’s annoying.

Usagi: and I didn’t have to relive last semester’s Government class… the images. They BURN! (btw, for my watchers, this is technically my journal-post for tonight; I just gotta put a link on theO or copy and paste it there, since that’s my usual main journal source. So don’t say I’m breaking the Missionary Week code because it’s not “surfing the net,” per se.)

Kyarri: images?....><# WHAT DID THAT SON OF A-

Horo: Whoa Kya! Don’t blow up!

Kyarri: ok fine. Breathe in. breathe out….OMG FASCHING IS THIS WEEK!!!!! (Fasching is “the season of fools in my heritage country Germany and is very similar to Mardi Gras here in the USA…but isn’t as explicit…so I was told)

Envy: Shrimp man! You should be over there (referring to the movie)

Ed: hey! Munich has Oktober fest not fasching!

Kyarri: well technically Fasching is for all…. 0.0 whoa Ed! You didn’t react to the ~covers mouth realizing she almost said the word that is forbidden to be used around Edward Elric~


Kyarri: Kyuu! I sorry! I didn’t say any of that!

Usagi: ~Usagi chops Ed before any damage happens~

Envy: Hee hee! I got out of that one-

Kyarri: EAT MY FRIGGIN’ OLD BIBLE AND TURN IT TO MULCH YOU STUPID PALMTREE!!!!!!! ~does well known bible attack at Envy using Usagi’s scriptures due to more mass and books combined~

Ren: double pwnage.

Usagi: Huh? Since when do you use pwnage?


Ren: Random ooc moment.

Kyarri: ……don’t ever do that again.

~random moment of silence except for Kyarri’s cat meowing in the background~

Usagi: ~hears kyarri’s brother call her cat a stupid demonic cat~ wait. Your cat is a stupid demonic cat?

Kyarri: have you not heard the stories?! (Ok watchers and Otaku people, I am not in my ranting mood today hence forth I will not tell you the Adventures of Kyarri’s stupid demonic cat because I am to friggin’ lazy)……Meh. The silence is drilling a hole in my brain at the moment. Wanna find something to do?

Usagi: not a bad idea

Tuesday Morning~

Kyarri: ……Meh……Me no want to wake up!

Usagi: lucky; you don’t have to wake up early for a class grade this week.

Ren: but you do realize it’s still a matter of choice.

Usagi: -.- if Bro. Goss is doing the same thing this year, we can only count extra credit after earning a certain number of points on this assignment. And I’m sorry, but I care about my Seminary grade (and if I don’t get the Honors Award this year, so much for the 4-years-in-a-row deal)

… But I almost value sleep more.

Kyarri: hey I said I would get up with you in support…Horo how many times do I have to tell you my arm is not a teddy bear!!! ~hits horo with a book to wake him~

Horo: ow! Is it breakfast yet?

Ren: no!

Envy: I’m hungry too!
Sanzo: then eat mulch palmtree!

Goku: now that you mention it…I’m hungry too! Kya chan you going to make eggs again?

Sanzo:……always thinking with your stomach aren’t you?

Goku: hey!

Kyarri: well…after we get dress I guess I could make some eggs and pancakes.

Horo: begins drooling~

Goku: whoohoo!

Sanzo: then hurry up. We’re starved!

Usagi: he might not want to do that!

Kyarri: glares~ fine. I’ll hurry and make breakfast AND THEN I’ll make you eat it with the other end and make you do the dishes you jerk!

Goku: burn…

Sanzo: you wanna die?

Kyarri: try getting your gun out of the cabinet first…Hee hee! Hey Usagi! I found the perfect shirt for you to keep the guys away during your missionary week! ~holds up shirt with a pic of a girl kicking a guys butt that says “Put your best foot forward~

Envy And Usagi: rofltao

Neji: Kya, you better hurry if you want to make the eggs. Your brother is up too and is acting just like horo.

Kyarri: 0.0 oh gosh……

~in la cochina de la kyarri~

Kyarri: breakfast is ready!

Goku: is already at the table eating the pancakes and eggs~

Horo: hey! That one was mine tiny monkey!

Goku: Hey at least I don’t turn into that big ape like the dbz goku!!!

Kyarri: You know…I’m almost glad Mi chan isn’t here because she would encourage goku to do that so she could see a monkey.

Goku: wait Mi? the other crazy lady besides you?!

Kyarri: Um…I’m not sure if I should take offense to that but yes.

Kanda: Kyarri! Where is the soba!?

Kyarri: we haven’t had any in weeks!!

Horo: hee hee!

Ren: who would eat soba for breakfast

Ed: it’s kanda we are talking about keep that in mind.

Kyarri: ^^’ this is going to sound terrible…but…wait is allen here?

Allen: Wait you got eggs again and that really good german stuff too? Sweet!!!

Kyarri: whispers to Usagi~ How am I going to explain to mom and Lucy the miraculous disappearance of food?

Ren: goblins. Ugly goblins with stomachs the size of Russia came in and ate it all.

Horo, Goku, and Allen: HEY!

Kyarri: ^^’ …hey horo? Random question. Are you related to Black Star?

Horo: …I’ll plead the fifth.

Kyarri: Hey! Not funny! I wanna know and don’t use my Am Govt work to mess with my mind!!!

Allen: think of it this way, it’s not as bad as being related to Excalibur… or Kanda.

Kanda: -_-# and what’s that suppose to mean beansprout?

Allen: It’s Allen! A-L-L-E-N! Allen!

Kanda: Good job beansprout. You can spell!

Allen: pfft. Miniskirt.

Kyarri: total devestation occurs in the kitchen~ ;_;

Allen: …never mind. ^^’

Kyarri: still devestated~

Ren: great. This is why fangirls should not study too much in common voice actors.

Kyarri: goes to Mr. Corner~ kyuu

Envy: Kya! You left the stove on!

Usagi: turns off stove and comforts Kyarri while looking at allen~ Look what you’ve done!

Kyarri: r-roy mustang= y-y-yuu kanda. N-n-not right!

Usagi: In this case you may have to refuse the dubbed like with ren in his ~in british accent~ lobster back british accent.

Kyarri: b-b-but I’ve been waiting for this…I Know! We watch FMA and I chuck something that I don’t like eating at roy!!!!

Ed: I’m in!

Horo: we can chuck envy at roy!

Kyarri: 0.o

Ed: all in favor say Aye!

Envy: only if the chibi shrimp with an antenna goes first!

Ed: not happening!

Neji: will you guys just shut up?!

Goku: the syrup is sugar free. Is that normal?

Usagi: fine by me! Less calories

Ren: women and their diets-

Kyarri: slams Ren’s head into peach yogurt~ eat your peaches and shut up.

Usagi: have fun in the shower with the little time you have hot water!

Kyarri: smirks evilly~

Kanda: …there is a trick to keeping the hot water longer isn’t there?

Kyarri: yup! And ren isn’t going to find out- 0o0 better idea! ~runs to the dishes and uses all the hot water~

Ren: KISAMA!!!!! ~runs out of the shower dripping wet~

Kyarri: acts innocent~ what now? And watch the lang- WOAH REN I DON’T NEED TO SEE THAT IN THE MORNING!!!!

Usagi: blushing like crazy and turns away~

Ren: realizes he is only in a towel and goes back to change~

Kyarri: suppresses laughter~

Ren: I heard that!

Kyarri: heard what? I don’t know what you are… ~blames envy~ stop imitating me!

Ed: that was a good laugh in the morning.

Kyarri: you know what I just realized? He only needed to wash his face really.

Ren: glares~

Kyarri: begins staring contest with ren~ I can do that as much as you.

Envy: hee hee! She is worse than me and horo combined right now.

Neji: kya did you have caffeine?
Kyarri: nope. Nor did I have sugar.

Ren: glances at sweetener~ sure it wasn’t that?

Kyarri: ha! I win and no there is no sugar in that!

Ren: we weren’t in a staring contest to begin with!

Sanzo: ~reading paper~ could have fooled me.

Kyarri: Chaos, panic, and disorder…my work here is done…I just realized ren is lucky. I haven’t re-enacted the shirt Usagi is wearing!

Allen and Goku: 0.0

Ed: too bad.

Kyarri: hey I just realized it’s mom’s anniversary today and my neighbor is coming over with some plans. Wanna help?

Usagi: Sure

Kyarri: it’s not an option for the bishie!

Bishie: crap.

~while working~

Kyarri: hey ren! Since you want hot water, do the dishes!

Ren: glares~ shut up

Usagi: do them!

Kyarri: ooh! Pwnage!

Ren: whatever. ~does dishes~

Kyarri: hee hee! I’m such a kid! Yay my work is done! what?

~a few minutes of boredom~

Kyarri: …

Usagi: playing with a cat toy~ this reminds me of envy with a fro

Envy: glares and holds down his hair/palmfronds~

Ed: huh. You may look better with an afro!

Envy: shut up flea freak!

Ed: flea freak? What the- ~catches on and begins rant~

Lucy: hey loves! Wanna help? ~is carrying wedding anniversary stuff~

Envy: 0.o it’s …white.

~outside decorating~

Envy: hey I bet we have enough streamer to tie short metal alchemist to the tree.

Ed: hmm…I could use alchemy right now!

Usagi: Ed don’t! She’ll have to keep watering him and while he whines Feed Me!

Kyarri: I do that already!

Allen: actually life as a plant would suck! You would be stuck in the sun all day!

Goku: Wait how would that work? I thought you needed something for equivalent exchange? Does he have the ingredients to make a palm tree?

Ed:Welll he can shape shift already and I figured if I can mess around with that.

Envy: Shut Up already! Man I’m gonna fire mah lazer on ya

Kyarri: Hey! No stealing little sister’s quotes! ~sees balloon fall~ 0.o thank goodness Death the Kid isn’t here. Now the table isn’t symmetrical.

Usagi: yeah good thing

Kyarri:…I need ribbon for my card! Sanzo? Do you have any shiny ribbon that goes with your crown?

Sanzo: I swear I am going to shred you one day.

Kyarri: no you won’t because I feed you, I have guy clothing for you to use and an extra bed.

Ren: you don’t bite the hand.

Kyarri: wow! We have to get ready for school now! See ya peoples! Hey Ren! Where’s the rest of my peach yogurt?!

Halloween With Allen and Road

Kyarri/welive: ~is cosplaying as Road Kamelot and glomping as Usagi who is cosplaying as Allen Walker as they walk home~ Kawaii!! This is going to be freakishly fun!!! Road is hanging with Allen kun!

Lero: Relo! I don’t want to be here! Earl tama save me! Relo!

Kanda: Can I please butcher the umbrella please?!

Kyarri: no!!

Usagi/CCR: Hiii~! For those who might have just started reading my posts over the past few months, we have these just about… every time we get together. And Usagi is another alias that I go by (and more or less prefer). But yeah… crap, I probably ought to start those pot stickers now.

Goku: *_* POT STICKERS?!

Usagi: none for you. Besides, they’re the frozen kind; if Jun had brought the recipe and could make home-made ones, they’d probably be much better anyway.

Jun: am I supposed to take offense to that?

Usagi: none at all! ^^; seriously, I was just trying to make a point to Goku. Mom doesn’t buy frozen Asian-food products often because they’re expensive, I want these to last (kinda impossible for the egg rolls now since Andrew’s started taking a liking to those).

Horohoro: ~is looking through the fridge~

kanda: what are you doing? Don’t go through Usa-

Kyarri: OMG I HAVE ALLEN’S THIRD HAND!!! ~is holding up the glove Usagi uses for the Anti akuma weapon hand~

Usagi: rofl

Allen: wait third hand? Since when have I had three hands?

Kanda: she is referring to the cosplay item in her hand beansprout


Usagi: Well…at least it’s not as bad as being the joker.

Kyarri: and Harry Potter. I mean really where do they get the joker from Allen Walker? Allen looks like a gentleman where as we have the Joker who looks like he belongs to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Horohoro: Envy should be on there too!

Envy: Hey back off!

Ed: sounds about right though.

Kyarri: have either of you seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Kanda: ~shrugs~ All I know it had a drag queen on the cover of the movie so I figured that Envy would fit in perfectly.

Usagi: not going to get into this conversation.

Kyarri: Smart move. ~looks through Usagis sketch book and sees picture of a fox~ Kawaii! It’s so cute!

Usagi: But I think I made it look too fat!

Kyarri:……It’s a FAT Naruto!!!!!

Usagi: rofl. ACK TICK! MUST KILL!!!

Kyarri: 0.o wow. Usagi has an anti tick weapon!

Goku: She has to! She owns big @55 pup-

Kyarri: ~takes Usagi’s scriptures hits Goku in the back of the head~ EAT BIBLE YOU DIRTY MOUTH MONKEY!!!!!

Ed: Hey the water is taking forever to boil!

Ren: ~sees horohoro and goku at the stove~ Horo, Goku, step away from the stove!

Kyarri: hey it’s almost six! Road tama needs candy!

Kanda, Neji, Sanzo: oh great.

Usagi: ouch`! My feet! You think I would’ve known better by now… and I actually have blisters this time.

Ren: you think you would…

Usagi: -.-; it would’ve majorly helped if you had been a bit more supportive…

Ren: you were cross-dressing! It would’ve been too awkward!


Envy: ooh. Ren just got told!

Ren: -//////-; curse you Chocolove…

Horohoro: Kyarri…I’m hungry!

Neji: And that affects her how…?

Usagi: *now wearing her dad’s thick socks* well, at least they don’t hurt as much anymore… and I think after a few rounds of candy I’m gonna make some more pot stickers… or better yet egg rolls?

Kyarri: ~is rifling through her bag of candy~ the pot stickers sound…Oh sweet baby Jesus! I just found a Heath Bar, a Take 5, and drum roll please……A DARK CHOCOLATE DOVE CANDY!!!!!!

Envy: 0o0 I WANT IT!!!!


Ed: ooh, BURN!

Neji: careful Ed. If you get on her bad side she could place you in there too.

Kyarri: well…I think he would be an…ah never mind.

Usagi: nyu~un… at least I’m not as tired anymore. Thank you Sweet Tarts.

Ren: if you’re tired, then -

Usagi: no, I’m not going to bed yet. I have a friend over and we’ve got more… *looks around to make sure that Goku and Horo aren’t around to listen* you-know-whats about to be made.

Sanzo: and knowing the idiot who looks like rouge is-

Kyarri: Shut up Dr. Frank Furter’s sister!

Horohoro: rofl! That’s funny!

Goku: then if Sanzo’s his sister, than what would that make Gojyo…?

Usagi: I don’t think I wanna know.

Kyarri: @[email protected] EW!! KYA CHAN DIDN’T NEED THOSE IMAGES!!!!

Envy: sure you di-
Kyarri: don’t make me box you up to be sent to the North Pole to experiment how well a palm tree can stand sub zero weather!
Envy: o-o-ok.
Allen: so what now…?

Usagi: dunno.

Kyarri: um…hey I never did my video recording for the night!!

Neji: it wouldn’t have worked well anyways.

Kyarri: true…

Usagi: *leaning her head on the desk* so… tired… I don’t know how much longer I can last.

Ren: then go to -

Usagi: not yet I’m not. Sometime tonight, for sure, but not right now.

Kyarri: I still want to hang with Usagi chan too Ren! ~yawn~

Neji: do my eyes deceive me or is the sugar and caffeine not taking effect on you? You look wiped.

Kyarri: that is kind of an understatement.

Sanzo: then maybe you girls should close this post, finish eating those pot stickers and call it a night.

Kyarri: ~looks at Usagi with tired eyes~ what says you lady?

Usagi: agreed. I am beat.

Kyarri and Usagi: Ja-ne!

Insanity is yet to make a come back! (guest: Kurisu aka, elrondXD my little brother!)

Ok, some of this stuff happened during the week so some things are out of order

~plays with lighter~ heehee! darn! the silence is killing me! i want my people! (read Ryoko's Randomnosity comic to find out who kyarri's people are)

neji: enjoy it while you can.

kurisu: ~walks in~ have you seen inuyasha?

~sighs~ looks like i have do everything here too! Sit inuyasha! ~hears crash coming through the roof in the living room. kyarri looks at her brother~ there is your answer. ~goes back to playing with the lighter

inuyasha: ~goes into kyarri's room~ WTFB!?!?!

is that really wise to say to me when i am holding a lighter and also have sharp objects in here and am not afraid to use it? Grr! this is getting annoyi-


if its the baby palmtree that's growing in the back yard i already know.

shippo: who's yelling

horo: do we really want to ask

~goes to see envy who is looking on youtube user RikuSora123 (my little sister sora)~ heh looks like immoto has... i think i need to have one of my big sister little sister conversations again

kanda: what no- ~watches Kyarri's little sister~ (not sure if this video is going to work. go to youtube and search for Kingdom Hearts 2 Recruiters:mini Recruiters 2
) idiot

hinata: t-that was w-weird

~kyarri's cell phone rings~
hello? Addy is what?!?!? lol! good luck with that Kira! talk to you later! text me! ~hangs up~ ok. Addy is on a serious caffeine high and is still in a wheel chair. that can't be good for kira!

neji: what is ryoko up to?

i think she was at girls camp

envy: and your bit- ~gets cold glare from kyarri~ o-o

first off, her name is Korasu, secondly, you are not to call any of my friends that, and thirdly, she is probably at her house dealing with her stupid step dad or she's at her aunts because of her dumbassed cousin

kurisu: wow envy you really are stupid!

envy: says you! you are the one who is doing the same things as i do!

last i checked our mom doesn't allow cross dressing in the house so technically no he's not!

kurisu: Kyarri your girlfriend is on the phone!

my WHAT?!?!

kurisu: you know, the one who sing the reason with you in a very "loving" way on the way home from that disability ranch that is two or three hours from here? really are looking for quick ways to die aren't you? and for the record we are NOT homos! we do that to annoy and scare the crap out of people we hate! As proof, you were in the back seat when we were playing the wave game and that guy was waving at her and saying yeah i'll call you! she almost gave her number to him if the director didn't hold her back

all bishie: 0-0

kurisu; never fails

~pummels little brother to the ground and drags him to his room~ no more cookies for you!

greed: i swear that boy can be a real retard can you.

kurisu: ~comes out with his nunchucks~ DIE!!!!

~older sister glare attack~

kurisu:...uh...i was just going get greed!

~continues glaring~ you have three seconds to get away from me



kurisu: ~runs away~

ok... someone take care of the wannabe chip and dale homunculus over there! Shorty! finish your room! ~sighs~ sorry people! i guess insanity is making a comeback in an unfortunate way. Keep reading Ryoko's Randomnosity and i will try to keep you posted on the casts as well as my well being. Ja-ne!!

AIMS Escape

Neji: Remind me again why you are dressing up as Yoh?

easy to put together, and i haven't worn these pants in a while because i was afraid my butt was too big…thank goodness it’s not!

Ren: no comment.

CCR: Ren, be nice!

Ren: and why are you Ed again?

CCR: it’s the best I could do until I get lina’s outfit fully put together (hopefully next weekend I can continue working on it)

It’s also to make you ask questions Ren. Did it work? ~smirk~

Horo: ooh. I think I should get Kory to make some ice for that burn!

Neji: ~tries to hold back on laughter~ You did leave yourself open for that one Ren.

Ren: -_-#

oh come on Ren! You know I am only joshing you! Anyways, what do you think of my cosplay costume?

CCR: It’s great! ^^

Ren: Great, another lazy bum…Just what we need.

Horo: Oh? Is her Anna cosplay better than Yoh’s?

Ren:………no comment.

Envy: Why won’t anyone dress like me?

Neji: do you want just one reason or the whole list?


hehe! I have never seen ed laugh that hard! ^^

Envy: Yay! A chance for me to kick him when he’s d-

Kanda: ~Mugen in hand~ Keep dreaming Palmtree. Go and blend in with the other plants here will you?

Ren: Still think he should’ve stayed with his family in California. Would save us a lot of trouble. ~see welive’s ^^; There’s this bandgeek… section for cali posts~

Envy: How about I take that Kwan Dao and shove it up your-

Oh look! the shops are opening! Let’s go!

~on the way to Borders~

Oh crap! Security guard is coming this way!

CCR: Didn’t do it!

Ed: Anything we should know about, pointy?

Ren; Wasn’t me either.

Neji: Palm tree probably was behind this one.

Envy: Oh sure! Blame it on me!

Ren: ~looks at Kyarri~ you…

…huh? Why are you…0_0 IDIDN’TDOITIDIDN’TDOIT!!!! TT_TT

CCR: Ren, be nice! I don’t think it was-

Security Guard: Nice arm! Ducktape?

Kyarri: ~looks at Ren~ ^^ Just kidding. I did it!

Ren: Surprised they didn’t say anything about the real thing.

Ed: # What was that?

Kanda: Hmph. Let’s go.

~later at Borders~
CCR:…okay, the preview for vol. 16 is scaring me a little. And I quote; “Hao has his sights set squarely on Ren.” And considering it’s one of Hao’s followers who…>///< ~hugs Ren~

Ren: >///>; I’m still here, aren’t I?

Ed: -///-# how come he gets all the-

CCR: you had your turn with Wol. 13 of FMA last summer at EFY.

~shudders~ Wow. That sounds a little too kinky for my liking. Hey Kanda I was reading book 2 of D. Gray Man and- 0o0 YOU SON OF A GUN!!!! DON’T YOU DARE KILL YUU KUN!!!!

Kanda: 0///0 >///< ok. you are done.

CCR: well I’m done here. Maybe next time I can check out what language-learning material they have here to help me with my Japanese…

Ren: Now part of me wishes you’d just stuck to taking Chinese…

Goku: hey, we con’t always get what we want.

Ed: says you.

Let’s see…11:26. Hmm…I know! ~whispers in CCR’s ear~

Neji: Oh crap.

Ren; don’t you already have your dress picked out?

CCR: doesn’t mean we can’t try the others on.

Envy: That’s not what Kyarri is trying to do. This game is called “Let’s see how red we can make our bishies turn”.

Neji: She did this before MewWitch moved away. ~devious smile on both girls’ faces~

CCR: Ya know, this would be even better if Lina were here with us. Then we-

Zelgadiss: No need to try and set her and Gourry up; that’s already happened on it’s own…

Envy: LOL! She would actually go with him?! ROFL

Horo: I said the same thing about you and Kyarri.

CCR: then…wait, Zel-kun-

Zelgadiss: again, I am in no way dating Amelia.

CCR: ~phew~ one of the few non-Marysue Slayers fans who doesn’t like the ZelxAmelia pairing-

It’s Korasu and Addy! Yay!

Korasu: Hiya!

Horo: You have been missing serious burns on Envy.

Envy: SHUT UP!!!

Korasu: Ha! He looks like he is about to boil over.

Envy: # Why you-

~hand signs plus chopsticks~ Art of the Shanking copsticks! ~ Envy falls over~ Cha!

Korasu: ~Falls out of chair laughing~

~sparkle in eye~ Top that Gaara!

Korasu: be nice! I don’t want him to kill because he’s had-

Addy: time to go!

All: aw man!

~sometime later~

CCR: I…just got an evil idea!

Ren: 0.o you? Evil?

Yay corruption!

CCR: ~bleep~. In a ~bleep~. singing “~bleep~” ~you will see later why I am censoring this later! ;)~

Another thing to add to my torture list…blackmail!

Neji: Ryoko, didn’t you say Yuna works here?

CCR: yeah…I guess her shift hasn’t started yet. ~Kyarri gets up~

Be right back ~evil look in eye~

Horo: what is she…0o0 KANDA! STOP HER! QUICK!!!

CCR: eh? ~gets the idea~ Ren, I’m scared!

Ed: always running to him…~realization of situation~ wonder if she’ll take responsibility for it if she gets Yuna fired

Kanda: ~carries Kyarri piggy back style with ice cream cone~ -_-#

Ren: now that didn’t take much, did it?

^^ Kyarri chan happy. Plus she wasn’t there, and I doubt he was their either.

CCR: ~phew~ somehow, I’m relieved for that.

eh? you really thought I was going to start something? I just wanted to find out about her break and then meet up with her to duke it out… ~looks around~something is…we are short 1 palmtree.

CCR: ~bangs head on table~

Ren: hey, none of that here! Last thing I want is your mother thinking I did something to you!

Horo: moving palm tree ten o’clock! Ed! sic him!

Kanda: since when has ed become your dog?

Thank goodness Addy just left!

Ed: I resent the dog statement, but that aside-

CCR: No! I don’t wanna be kicked out anymore than you do!

I know who we can annoy!

Ren: wait…what does this entail exactly?

oh nothing serious…just…drugs, old people, interstections…

Allen: that doesn’t sit too well with me.

Neji: Your mom’s pharmacy? -_- fine. let’s go.

~leaving the pharmacy~

Curse you old people! Couldn’t’ even say hi to mom!

CCR: Seriously…man, why do I have to freeze up when stuff like the intersection incident happens?

Ren: ~hugs CCR~ at least you’re safe; darn cross walk…


CCR: …Edo-kun? you okay?

Ed: what? oh, I’m fine, just a bit tired from the walk.

CCR: who here isn’t?

I am so sorry! I would have turned back to get you but… TT_TT

Neji: ~hug~ it’s ok. you guys are safe and that’s what matters.

Envy: good job on taking the credit Dr. Hyuuga.

Goku: did Neji just quote Ren to the letter?

Zelgadiss: not really.

Kanda: and why would that matter:

Envy: I just find it interesting that shrimpy is so adamant for attention and yet he doesn’t try to save his loved one.

Ed: and what was there that I could’ve done?!?

Ren: considering you’re an alchemist, why didn’t you transmute something?!

CCR: guys, guys! It’s over now, there’s no reason to keep regretting what could’ve been done! we’re safe, aren’t we?

yeah. I’m thirsty ~also begins texting Rebmafire and Naruto~

Envy: Me too TT_TT

Horo: there is a fountain outside you can stand in!

CCR: then we’d get wet, and kyarri and I are both wearing- >-