Anyone knows Pandora Hearts?

Pandora Hearts is really a good anime~ BUT just like other anime, the ending sucks! It keeps us hanging and keeps our questions unanswered...

I just want to ask anyone about it... >.<

Is the manga and the anime the same?
Is the manga more detailed?
Is there a season 2 for the anime? or an OVA that would help explain the story more?
Do you guys know what Glen Baskerville looks like and other than being good friends with Jack, just who the hell is he?
Whose tombstone was the one with the pocket watch??

Can someone explain more about Alice B.Rabbit and Alice Will of the abyss...

arggh... >///< I even expect so much from the anime! And all I'm left is this..
sigh, would someone be kind enough to share what they know about Pandora Hearts..

Hoping for anyone's response..

Have a wonderful night..