Worries? Problems? Anger? Guilt? or anything in between? Let us solve it here together !! Sharing thoughts is not a bad idea.. in fact it can help us feel better..

Black Night or kuro yoru ( 黒夜 ) in japanese.. yoru for my name and kuro for black. Anyway.. This is my first world.. I am not that skillful in this kind of stuff, all I wanted is to make a world that can benefit you, me, and everyone !! So I have decided to make MY world, OUR world. I'm not good at almost everything and almost failed to do anything good.. but once I decided something I will do my very best. You can guarantee that I'll give off 100% effort !!

In This world, We can all say bye to our worries. hmm.. Not clear enough? In that case let me explain in details.. kuro yoru or black world is a world that gives helping hands to those who needs. All you have to do is to trust and to open up, and I or even other visitors will help. If you need anything you can just ask here and I'll do my best to give you comfort and answers to your questions as well.. But if you have personal things rumbling around your mind and is shy about opening it up here, you can also PM me(howayoru).. ^.^ but solving it here with everyone's help is a little fun and you can have more than my suggestions, anyway.. Its up to you..

How does it work?
Here's how:

  • -For questions, problems, or anything to share. You can just post it.
  • -Not a guest poster? no problem! just PM me and I'll make you one.
  • -For your answers, suggestions and comments. It must be posted as a comment to the guest post.


  • -Don't make fun of others.
  • -Learn to keep secrets.
  • -comfort/help each other.
  • -most of all, have FUN !!!

"A wonderful night is the secret
of a beautiful morning.."

Have a wonderful night..


Help!! >.<

*under panic* oooooh!!!! >=O I accidentally saw a manga that is about akai ito "red thread". It is about a girl who can see other people's red thread.... I'm really interested in that manga... but the problem is, I forgot the title!! >.< doshiyo????!!!! does anyone know that manga??? if so, please tell me..... pleaaaaase~

yoroshiku onegaishimasu... v.v *bows*

have a wonderful night..

Help please

Ok so my friend has a cousin who's like an older brother to him and that cousin got into a severe wreck yesterday. He died twice last night but they were able to bring him back both times and now he's in a coma..but my friend is now really depressed and thinks that his life isn't worth living because everytime he thinks its going good something comes and ruins it and he's worried for his cousin and he's basically freaking out and I have no idea how to help him because although I've had family members die, quite recently actually, I wasn't super close to them like he is. They did everything together and were bestfriends..I don't know how to help him.....

Long time no post!

Wow its been a while since someone has posted here so I'm going to post. Well right now my only problem is that I keep waking up at 5:30 or 5:40 in the morning and its getting on my nerves. I no longer have a problem with my suicidal friend I think he is better but I don't know he doesn't tell me any of that stuff anymore but I think he is telling 'my twin', if he is I'm going to be mad.

'My Twin' is one of my best friend who looks like me and people will call us twins.


First Time posting I believe.

Hello everyone. My name is Gaby. I do not remember if I have posted here before but right now I'm too lazy to check. I always wanted to post here so maybe I have. *Thinks about it* I can't remember, anyways I'm just gonna let some stuff out. I hope no one minds.

Why is it that no matter how hard you try no one seems to notice? Why is it that no matter what you do you can't get anyone's attention? Why is it that when you want to think about things you can't focus on them and when you don't you think about them constantly? Why is it that when you try to do goos all you sem to do is bad? why?.....

It's not only a poem I mad but it also speaks what I see as the truth...Does anyone have any answers to these many questions? If so please comment on this post because these are things that many of us think about. Many of us would like answers.

Bored and Angry

O.k so I think the title says it all I'm bored and need something to do and I'm mad sort of. I'm still mad at a guy for hitting my friend and now my friend and the guy are no longer friends because since I don't talk to him about his wanting to kill himself problems, he is now telling my friend and you know when its bad when she tells you that she thinks she might need a therapist on speed dile. Grrrr he makes me so mad. Well I thinks thats all I got for now. Sorry about spelling.