Worries? Problems? Anger? Guilt? or anything in between? Let us solve it here together !! Sharing thoughts is not a bad idea.. in fact it can help us feel better..

Black Night or kuro yoru ( 黒夜 ) in japanese.. yoru for my name and kuro for black. Anyway.. This is my first world.. I am not that skillful in this kind of stuff, all I wanted is to make a world that can benefit you, me, and everyone !! So I have decided to make MY world, OUR world. I'm not good at almost everything and almost failed to do anything good.. but once I decided something I will do my very best. You can guarantee that I'll give off 100% effort !!

In This world, We can all say bye to our worries. hmm.. Not clear enough? In that case let me explain in details.. kuro yoru or black world is a world that gives helping hands to those who needs. All you have to do is to trust and to open up, and I or even other visitors will help. If you need anything you can just ask here and I'll do my best to give you comfort and answers to your questions as well.. But if you have personal things rumbling around your mind and is shy about opening it up here, you can also PM me(howayoru).. ^.^ but solving it here with everyone's help is a little fun and you can have more than my suggestions, anyway.. Its up to you..

How does it work?
Here's how:

  • -For questions, problems, or anything to share. You can just post it.
  • -Not a guest poster? no problem! just PM me and I'll make you one.
  • -For your answers, suggestions and comments. It must be posted as a comment to the guest post.


  • -Don't make fun of others.
  • -Learn to keep secrets.
  • -comfort/help each other.
  • -most of all, have FUN !!!

"A wonderful night is the secret
of a beautiful morning.."

Have a wonderful night..


Help with submitting a fanword into a contest!!!

Well, I have a problem right now, I can't enter a fanword in a contest, does anyone know how??? (Thank you to those who are helping me~)

Arigatou gozaimasu !

.. Gokurosama! (used by the japanese to thank someone for their hard work, it doesn't really have a meaning) thanks for visiting. Hope you satisfy yourself.. Come and visit again !!


Shiawase! (happiness!)

uaaaah !!! everyone is making me happy !! do suru ? (what should I do?) ah ! I'll do my best !! This way I can repay them for their support.. Glad you like it ! Thank you very much you don't know how much you made me happy !!!

  • minna(everyone), I hope I can make you all happy !!

.. hope that my feelings reached out to everyone!